Dr. Fardad Mobin: A Neurosurgeon for Sciatica in Los Angeles To Help You with Long-term Pain Relief

Some people would live their lives without minding their health. They would only learn about its significance when they get sick. 

Others would only see a doctor when they get unbearable pain. 

Also, some would live their lives alongside the chronic pain attacks. Moreover, some only self-medicate.

Alternatively, others would not do anything and wait for it to disappear. 

Some people with sciatica would experience its mild symptoms. Others would experience unbearable pain. 

Others would get the help of doctors for their chronic pain. Some would consult a neurosurgeon LA clinic for their sciatica and other pain problems. 

Many health issues include pain as a symptom. 

Pain is among the signals of your body that there is something wrong with your health. 

Your health is essential. There are many adverse effects of not minding your health. 

Also, health is a broad concept. 

Comprehension of the concept of health helps you learn about the adverse impact of not attaining it. 

All about Health You Need to Know Now

The healthcare industry progresses alongside the increasing demand for its products and services. 

One of the many drivers of the escalating demand for healthcare products and services is the increasing population. 

The higher the population, the larger the demand for healthcare products and services. 

There will always be a point in the life of everyone when they acquire the products and services of healthcare businesses. 

For example, you participate in the healthcare market as a consumer when you purchase aspirin for your headache. 

Additionally, you become part of the healthcare market when you bring your baby to the doctor for his regular checkup. 

The healthcare industry is a helpful sector in the economy. 

Among its participants are you and various organizations providing healthcare products and services.

Other Participants in the Healthcare Industry

You already have an idea of your participation in the healthcare market as a consumer. Let us now have a glimpse of the other participants in this booming industry. 

The firms responsible for discovering and producing medicines and vaccines are pharmaceutical businesses. 

Some dedicate most of their efforts to researching and discovering cures for illnesses. 

Alternatively, other pharmaceutical firms focus on marketing and sales activities. 

Some would have a mix of marketing, sales, and research and development activities. 

Also, some of these firms focus on formulating generic versions of drugs in the market. It targets a market who are on a budget. 

Other participants in the healthcare market you need to know are medical equipment and tool makers. These manufacturers create the large and small-scale machinery and tools medical professionals use for their services. 

Moreover, pharmaceutical firms use these products for their research and development phase. 

Medical equipment and tools entail surgical gloves, scalpels, masks, and syringes. Also, it encompasses CT scans and X-Ray equipment. 

Another vital participant in the healthcare industry is medical facilities. It is the place you get your healthcare services. It includes private and public hospitals and clinics. 

Also, private and public health insurance providers are part of the healthcare industry. They coordinate with medical facilities for their services. 

Each participant in the healthcare industry has intersecting functions.

For example, medical facilities coordinate with medical equipment and tools manufacturers for their healthcare service supplies.  

Additionally, pharmaceutical firms provide the medicines and vaccines prescribed by the doctors of a clinic. 

By now, you have a better grasp of the healthcare industry and its contributions to society. 

Let us not look at the relevance of health through understanding its concept and other relevant factors. 

The Definition of Health

Health is a complex topic. 

It encompasses your physiological, mental, and social well-being. 

Moreover, it entails attaining wellness in these aspects regardless of the presence of an illness. 

People with incurable medical conditions can still be healthy. 

For example, symptom control from their incurable disease may help them attain wellness. 

Top Effects of Ignoring Your Health

Your health is a vital factor in life. By now, you have a clearer understanding of its relevance. 

Here are some of the effects of not minding your health: 

High Risks for a Short Life Span

Some illnesses may result from lifestyle factors. 

For example, an unhealthy diet may lead to medical conditions. 

Excessive carbohydrate and added sugars consumption increase your risk for diabetes. 

Diabetes is an incurable illness. The only way to get healthy after getting diabetes is to control its symptoms. 

There is a high risk of heart attacks and stroke for patients with diabetes. This medical condition may shorten your lifespan. 

Your lifestyle has a bearing on your health. However, there are other factors influencing your health. 

For example, your genes may impact your risk for some medical conditions. 

Moreover, accidents are unpredictable. It can be the fault of others or yours. 

Lost Work Opportunities

Professionals in different fields contribute to societal progression through their expertise and skills. However, it can be challenging to contribute to the community when you experience chronic pain attacks. 

Pain attacks and other medical conditions can materially affect your productivity at work. 

For example, chronic pain attacks may lead to multiple absences at work. 

Alternatively, imagine failing a work interview due to pain attacks during the final-round assessment for applicants. 

Moreover, it may lead to failure to give 100% in your tasks. 

The many absences and low work performance may reduce your chances of getting a promotion over other employees. 

As mentioned, chronic pain attacks impact your productivity at work. 

With that, it also can adversely affect your relationships with your co-workers. Imagine the lost opportunity of building networks with other branches and departments during company dinners. 

The creation of networks is a vital part of career growth. Moreover, it introduces you to opportunities.

For example, a dinner event with a client may lead to an introduction to your future business partners or employers. 

Furthermore, it can help you locate your future employees. 

The career opportunities with networking and communication are endless. However, chronic pain attacks may get in the way. 

High Risks for Failed Relationships with Loved Ones

Also, some medical conditions and chronic pain affect relationships with family and friends. 

It can lead to missed family day events at school with your children. 

Moreover, it leads to missed gatherings with former high school classmates. 

The Benefit of Minding Your Health

The attainment of ideal health helps reduce your risk for medical conditions. 

Moreover, it helps you perceive a better quality of life. 

The attainment of ideal health helps you give your all in your profession. In return, you contribute to societal progression. 

For example, a digital marketing specialist helps inform a target market about the offers of a client. 

An example of a trusted digital marketing agency is Really Good Content. It helps clients gain a relevant position in the competition through varying digital platforms. 

Additionally, medical aesthetic practitioner roles contribute to the mental health of patients. They help resolve insecurities caused by their skin aesthetic problems. 

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Also, wellness helps nurses, doctors, engineers, doctors, and other professionals contribute to the betterment of society. 

However, there are still instances when a healthy lifestyle may not be enough to prevent medical conditions. 

Some people would experience chronic pain and other medical conditions despite living a healthy lifestyle. 


Pain is a broad concept. As mentioned, it is your body telling you that something is wrong. 

Symptoms of pain include tingling, burning, pinching, and aching sensations. 

Pain presents differently. 

Moreover, people experience pain differently. 

By now, you have a grasp of the impact of chronic pain on your productivity and relationships. 

However, chronic pain is not the only type of pain. 

Other classifications of pain vary on their source, duration, and other criteria. 

Chronic pain entails an extended version of short-term pain called acute pain. 

The usual cause of acute pain is an injury. Acute pain can last for days, weeks, or months. 

It disappears when the injury heals. 

However, there are instances when pain continues after an injury heals. It is one of the circumstances where chronic pain exists. 

Other characteristics of chronic pain exist. For example, chronic pain entails intermittent pain attacks. 

It includes pain episodes in variations. You feel in unexpected moments. Then, it disappears for an undetermined period. 

Students with chronic pain may have low test scores due to a lack of preparation for their exams. 

Imagine having chronic pain attacks during the night of reviewing before the test. 

Moreover, imagine its impact on professionals who skip many work days due to chronic pain problems. The absence may lead to scheduling and budgeting issues for the company. 

Additionally, pain can also result from nerve damage. This type of pain is called neuropathic pain. 

Pain and your neurological health have a connection. You feel the symptoms of pain through signals within the nervous system. 

Linking Your Pain and Nervous System

Pain signals travel through your nerves. 

Your nerves are part of the peripheral nervous system. Your nervous system includes your brain and spinal cord. 

Your brain is part of your central nervous system. Also, your spinal cord coordinates with your brain within the central nervous system. 

Your nervous system helps control conscious and unconscious movements within your body. Moreover, it also has sensory functions. 

Also, your nervous system coordinates with other organs in your body. 

For example, your brain controls your breathing. On the other hand, your respiratory system provides the oxygen in the blood your brain needs. 

Additionally, your brain controls the function of your digestive system. In return, it provides your brain and other body parts with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. 

Moreover, your brain coordinates with your endocrine system in controlling other body functions. Your endocrine system produces hormones. 

Hormones are also chemical messengers of the body. For example, estrogen helps with female reproductive health and other body functions.

A healthy nervous system helps with different functions within your body. However, there are instances when neurological conditions happen. 

Its causes can be genetic for some people. Also, it can result from injuries and medical conditions for others. 

Pain and Some Neurological Conditions

Pain can result from nerve damage and other body injuries. Also, some medical conditions may cause pain. 

A herniated disc constitutes a breakage of the gel-like discs that sit between your stacked vertebrae. It can result in pain for many patients. 

Additionally, spinal stenosis is a neurological condition characterized by a narrowing spinal canal. The potential for nerve compression increases the risk for pain attacks for patients with this usually aging-related neurological condition. 

Sciatica is pain that radiates from your buttocks to your lower leg. It usually occurs on one side of your legs. Its intensity varies from one patient to another. For some patients, it disappears with rest and non-invasive medical treatment. 

A sciatica pain relief Los Angeles specialist is Dr. Fardad Mobin

Dr. Fardad Mobin: A Neurosurgeon for Sciatica in Los Angeles

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon for sciatica and other neurological conditions. He helps patients with their backaches, neck pain, and nerve problems. 

Also, he has years of experience as a spine surgery Los Angeles doctor. 

He has thousands of experience as a spinesurgeon LA doctor. 

His expertise as a neuro surgeon Los Angeles specialist equips him with the skills for minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Moreover, he prioritizes non-invasive medical treatments before suggesting surgery to his patients. 

Get Long-Term Pain Relief with the Help of Mobin Neurosurgery

Dr. Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery helps many patients attain long-term relief from their disabling pain issues. 

Mobin Neurosurgery helps many patients with their spine medical conditions. 

Moreover, he helps with nerve-related conditions. 

For example, Dr. Fardad provides treatment for sciatica and radiculopathy. 

Moreover, Mobin Neurosurgery offers non-invasive medical treatments to patients. 

If minimally invasive treatments do not resolve the neurological condition, he offers surgery as an option. 

Improve your quality of life with the help of a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic. 

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