INSURANCE and Billing

Insurance and Billing

Out of Network

Our office will be happy to provide you with your eligibility and coverage provided by your insurance company. Although Dr. Mobin is out of network, you are not exempt from having access to his expertise and having your treatment or surgery covered! Our office is able to help determine your coverage and has helped many of our patient succeed in getting their procedures covered. Our office is fully transparent regarding your out-of-pocket expense, and in many instances, patients learn that majority of the services and procedures are covered by their insurance. The out-of-network status simply reflects the fact that Dr. Mobin’s services are not at the contracted rate with the insurance companies.

Our billing department is available to help you better understand your benefits and coverage. Please contact them at for more information.

Billing and Statements

Our billing department will contact your insurance company and work with them ahead of your planned procedure to fully determine your coverage and out-of-pocket expense. You will be notified regarding the estimate of your actual co-insurance/deductible required by your insurance company. Our office will then submit a claim for your procedure on your behalf. Your insurance company will then process the claim. Billing statement would then reflect the amount of payment for the services and will reflect copay or deductible as determined by your insurance coverage.

**This is only an appointment request. The office will reach out to confirm your appointment.

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