Why is Mobin Neurosurgery a Trusted Spine Surgery Clinic in Los Angeles?

People would have something in their life that limits them from enjoying it to the fullest. 

Life can be difficult with something that prohibits you from enjoying it to the fullest.

Others would get used to it. On the other hand, others would not. 

Others would say that their appearance affects their performance at work. Additionally, these people might have relationship issues. Furthermore, their skin aesthetic issues may be the cause of their inhibitions. 

Insecurities are among the main contributors to an adverse perception of life. Among the drivers of insecurities are skin aesthetic problems. 

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It offers wide-ranging beauty enhancement services to its patients. The patients redeem their lost confidence from their skin aesthetic issues. 

Additionally, skin aesthetic issues are not the only ones affecting the enjoyment of life. 

For example, people with illnesses and pain may claim a challenging life. 

Pain is among the symptoms of many medical conditions. 

Other people would only experience it before injury or illness recovery. 

Alternatively, others would experience pain even after recovery. 

Pain, disabilities, and quality of life have connections. 

Pain, Disabilities, and Quality of Life

Pain has many forms and classifications. Moreover, it can occur in various body parts.  

Also, people experience pain differently. Some pain can only cause discomfort. On the other hand, other people would complain of unbearable pain. 

The variations of pain differ in intensity, source, cause, and duration. 

Pain is a sign that something is wrong inside your body. Alternatively, it may also indicate an injury or medical condition. 

The Different Classifications of Pain

Pain, according to its duration, can be acute or chronic. 

Acute pain can last for a few weeks to months. It disappears after your injury heals. Alternatively, it disappears after your recovery from an illness. 

However, there are times when pain does not disappear after an injury heals. Additionally, there are instances when some people would still experience pain after recovering from an illness. 

You may have chronic pain when you still feel pain after recovering from an injury or illness. 

Others would still report pain attacks without a previous injury or illness.

There are various characteristics of chronic pain. 

It includes the intermittent feature of pain attacks. 

Intermittent pain attacks entail the recurrence of pain episodes.

There are instances when pain signals exist within your nervous system even after an injury heals. 

It is the same circumstance for some people recovering from an illness. 

Additionally, chronic pain attacks are unpredictable. 

A Disabling Type of Pain 

Chronic pain can cause a disability that limits you from enjoying life to the fullest. 

Chronic pain attacks have a significant influence on the quality of life of many people.

Other people describe their chronic pain experiences as disabling. 

Many people describe chronic pain as disabling. It limits their enjoyment of life. 

For example, chronic pain may be the cause of missed family gatherings. Moreover, it may be the reason you lost contact with other relatives. 

Alternatively, unpredictable chronic pain attacks may be the cause of failed examinations. 

Your chronic pain attacks during your review time may be the cause of test failures. 

Additionally, your chronic pain attacks may cause your poor performance at work. 

As mentioned earlier, pain can be a symptom of a medical condition. Various medical conditions fit the legal classification of an illness as a disability. 

There is a chance for you to gain disability benefits from the government. However, the rules are strict. Seek legal counsel from qualified individuals. 

For example, chronic pain attacks that last for at least a year have a chance for disability benefits. However, the Social Security Disability Benefits only qualify for those whose medical conditions significantly and adversely affected their lifestyle. 

The best professional who can help you with disability benefits is a lawyer. 

On the other hand, there is a medical expert to resolve your suffering from chronic pain. 

A qualified individual that can help you with pain relief is a neurosurgeon. 

For example, Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery is a skillful pain relief doctor. He can offer long-term relief treatments for chronic pain.

Dr. Mobin understands the impact of chronic pain attacks on the quality of life of a patient. He prioritizes minimally invasive treatments. He only suggests surgery if all other treatments do not resolve the issue. 

Pain and Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is dependent on one’s perception. People with the same circumstance may have different perceptions of life. 

For example, someone working as a field sales agent may love landing a role. Extroverted persons loved the social exposure of this position. 

Alternatively, a person in the same work position may have a different opinion. 

This person may be an introvert and would have loved a creative position in the company. 

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Moreover, some teachers would claim an enjoyable life because it is their dream job. 

Alternatively, another teacher may claim they cannot pursue their passion because they need their current job. 

Additionally, other people describe their life as challenging. Some people with chronic pain may have spent years of fear of unpredictable pain attacks. 

Moreover, some people claim that their life was under the control of their intermittent pain attacks. For example, it caused missed career growth opportunities. 

Additionally, the intermittent pain episodes adversely affected many family and romantic relationships. 

Pain is like a wall that prohibits a person from maximizing what life offers. 

Neurosurgeons help patients resolve pain-related issues. A skillful doctor designs a treatment plan that produces long-term results. 

Pain and the Nervous System

Neurosurgeons specialize in neurological health conditions. 

Pain relates to your nervous system. 

Many parts of your nervous system are responsible for pain signal transmission. It allows you to feel pain sensations. 

Pain symptoms include tingling, burning, aching, and pinching sensations. As mentioned, pain presents differently. It also varies on the medical condition and injury. 

Moreover, it varies on the severity of the medical condition or injury. 

Your Complex Nervous System

Your brain has multiple functions in your body. Its absence eliminates your chance of breathing and digesting.

Involuntary movement control is among the functions of your brain. These are the movements within your body that do not require your consciousness. Breathing and digestion are among the involuntary movements regulated by your brain. 

Another involuntary movement is the beating of the heart. 

Alternatively, your brain is also responsible for your voluntary movements. These are movements you make that are within your control. 

Examples of voluntary movements include walking, jumping, and singing. 

Aside from the brain, another vital organ within your nervous system is your spinal cord. 

Your spinal cord rests within the confines of your spinal canal. 

The spinal canal comes from the stacked tiny vertebrae that you call the backbone. 

Your spinal cord hosts nerve roots. 

Your spinal cord directs nerve messages to the brain. Then, the response from the brain travels from the spinal cord to the nerves and the concerned body part. 

Your central nervous system entails your brain and spinal cord. 

Another division of your nervous system is your peripheral nervous system. It encompasses all the nerves within your body. 

Problems You Might Encounter Within Your Nervous System

Your nervous system encompasses your brain, nerves, and spinal cord. Any issues with these body parts cause neurological health problems. 

Here are some neurological health issues that may cause pain: 


Sciatica comes from a compressed sciatic nerve. It is the largest nerve in your body. 

Some of the culprits of sciatica are spinal stenosis and herniated discs. These medical conditions usually result from the wear and tear of your spine. It comes with old age. 

However, some injuries may also cause sciatica. Moreover, it can also result from spinal tumors. 

It results in the pain you can feel along your buttocks to your leg. 

The best expert for sciatica relief is Mobin Neurosurgery

Spine Injury

Spine injuries affecting your spinal cord can be lethal. Alternatively, it can result in temporary or permanent paralysis. 

The best option for spine injury treatment is a consultation with a spine surgeon. Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon LA specialist with thousands of spine surgery experiences.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis includes the narrowing of your spinal canal. It causes nerve root compression. Also, it can result in pain. 

An expert in pain treatment is Mobin Neurosurgery. 

Health Tips to Support Your Neurological Health

Your nervous system is a vital body part. It controls movement. 

Moreover, it processes and sends your sensory information.

Also, your nervous system extends to all your body parts. 

It coordinates with your different organs. 

For example, it cooperates with your digestive system. Your digestive system processes your food into nutrients. Your brain needs these nutrients to function. 

Additionally, it coordinates with your circulatory system. It allows your heart to beat. In return, blood reaches your brain. 

There are interconnections between your nervous system and other body parts. 

With this interconnection, the health tips of different organs also benefit your nervous system. 

Here are some tips you can consider for your overall health: 

Do not skip exercise. 

Weight management is among the benefits of exercise. It helps prevent obesity. 

Obesity increases your risks for various health conditions. 

For example, it affects your cardiovascular health. Remember the connection between your brain and heart?

Choose Whole Foods

Remember the coordination function between your digestive system and nervous system? Your diet plays a role in your nervous system. 

The healthiest food options are the ones that did not undergo processing. 

Among the unhealthiest foods are the ones you find in cans. 

Furthermore, excessive sugar in many processed foods is not healthy. 

Home-cooked meals are among the healthiest foods available because you control the ingredients.  

Additionally, fruits make better snacks than sugar-filled biscuits and candies. 

Get Proper Hydration

The amount of water the body needs varies from one person to another.

Hydration is among the vital parts of good health. It supports the health of all your organs. 

Excessive dehydration is lethal. You can die from it. 

You can ask a doctor to determine how much water you need to drink every day. 

Consult an Expert

Regular medical consultations help you keep track of your health. 

Moreover, you can ask a doctor for health tips regarding lifestyle changes. 

A medical expert in neurological health is a neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon offers non-surgical and surgical treatments to patients. 

Why Visit a Spine Surgery Clinic in Los Angeles 

A neurosurgeon specializes in neurological health. 

A skillful neurosurgeon who can help you with your spine and pain issues is Dr. Fardad Mobin

Dr. Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery has years of experience in spine surgery and pain relief treatment. 

Moreover, Dr. Mobin has had thousands of spine surgery in his career. 

Also, he uses minimally invasive techniques in his treatments. 

Furthermore, he is also skillful with state-of-the-art medical technology. These knowledge and skills equip him with the competency for safe medical procedures. 

Why Trust Mobin Neurosurgery? 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic that helps patients with varying neurological issues. 

Moreover, Dr. Mobin is a neurosurgeon Los Angeles specialist who offers non-surgical and surgical treatment for his patients. 

Dr. Mobin is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles expert who prioritizes non-surgical treatments. He only offers surgery if the other treatments do not resolve your neurological condition. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic offering long-term relief through minimally invasive procedures. 

Dr. Mobin is a neurosurgeon LA expert with years of experience in spine surgery. 

Also, he is a spinesurgeon LA specialist with multiple experiences with pain treatment. 

Many patients attained better lives after getting medical treatment from Mobin Neurosurgery. Dr. Mobin helped them regain the enjoyment of life without the pain. 

Let a neurosurgeon with years of experience help you improve your quality of life. 

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