Why Get Your Lumbar Fusion Surgery from Mobin Neurosurgery This December 2022?

One of the overlooked, yet vital parts of life, is health.  

Pain is one of the symptoms of many possible medical conditions. It also has the power to disable a person.

Others seek the help of doctors for long-term pain relief.

For example, patients seek medical treatment from Dr. Fardad Mobin, a neurosurgeon LA doctor, for chronic back pain. He offers minimally invasive and surgical solutions to varying neurological health issues.

Others would seek the help of neurosurgeons or other specialists for varying conditions.

For example, patients seek dermatologists for their skin health and aesthetic problems.

On the other hand, patients seek a nephrologist for their chronic kidney disease.

Neurosurgeons are the doctors to see for various neurological conditions. It includes pain relief, spine, and nerve health concerns.

Doctors are there to help with illness treatment and prevention. Others include at least once a year medical consultation as one of their healthy lifestyle routines.

However, some people disregard their health before an injury or illness occurs.

Many people would not mind their health before anything wrong happens with it. They would only get a reminder of its significance to various life aspects when an illness strikes.

Others practice healthy habits to prevent any medical conditions.

How to Attain a Healthy Body

You cannot practice a healthy lifestyle if you do not have in-depth health knowledge.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health involves multi-aspects.

These components include mental, emotional, social, and physiological well-being. Issues with any of these aspects adversely impact your health.

Here are some tips to consider to stay healthy:

Watch your weight

Past beauty enhancement includes weight management solutions. For example, there was a period when people used commercial tapeworms to lose weight.

The companies that sold these tapeworm-filled pills advertised them as sanitized versions.

Also, they advertised it as a way to help people eat whatever they want without worrying about weight gain. This product targets weight loss for aesthetic purposes.

Currently, there are still weight management products in the market. Each product and brand vary in function and active ingredients.

However, weight management does not only provide aesthetic results. It also benefits your overall health.

Many medical conditions come from being overweight or obese.

Your risk for diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases is high if you are overweight.

Choose Less Processed Foods for your Meals

Modern technology provides many opportunities for world progression. It helps make activities easier and faster for various professions.

For example, technological progression allows for cures for illnesses. New medical equipment and tools add safety to patients.

Furthermore, technological development helps fuel faster progression in various industries.

For example, newly discovered preservatives and chemicals to prolong food shelf-life drive growth in the food-processing industry.

However, this development also has its drawbacks in health.

For example, the discovery of preservatives and other chemicals makes some food unhealthy options. People who choose readily cooked and preserved foods increase exposure to these chemicals.

Choose less-processed foods for your next grocery shopping trip.

However, it may be impossible for some people to avoid processed and canned products. You can limit your consumption of processed foods.

A transition to a healthy lifestyle is a challenging task. It takes a significant time before you create a healthy habit. Trust the process and stick to your goals.

The rewards of healthy eating habits include fewer risks for many medical conditions.  

Do not Forget About Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It has multiple benefits for various health aspects.

For example, it helps with your mental and emotional well-being. It reduces stress and other unfavorable mental health conditions.

Additionally, it helps with your physiological well-being.

Also, it helps with your skin aesthetics. Do you know that sweat temporarily moisturizes your skin?

Regular exercise helps prevent many deadly illnesses because it helps with weight management.

Do not skip too many social gatherings.

Some people forget about their social well-being due to various reasons. However, your social relationships are also an aspect of health.

Ensure you make time for your family, friends, and co-workers to bond.

It helps make you feel that you belong in your social circle.

Regular Check-Ups with Doctors

Some people skip this step in their healthy lifestyle plan.

Others resort to online searches for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Do not do this. The best diagnosis and treatment for a medical condition is from a doctor.

The risk with self-diagnosis and self-treatment comes from the high risks of misinformation from the internet.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many households to the different benefits of the online landscape. It includes information gathering.

Many people used the internet for various activities after the implementation of quarantine orders.

The internet became the haven for every household that does not want to go outdoors. More time outside their homes means high risks for COVID-19 infection.

What can people do when there are no COVID-19 vaccines available yet?

However, the widespread cyberspace usage was not without any risks. It escalated the risks of misinformation.

Imagine people believing erroneous information about COVID-19 prevention. The people who believed this wrong information might have caught COVID-19. Then, died from the illness. That is how misinformation becomes lethal.

Many healthcare and medical spa companies partner with professional content creators to provide reliable information on various digital platforms. Others collaborate with digital marketing agencies for fast lead conversion and high-quality content for various online platforms.

Really Good Content, a digital marketing firm, helps its clients provide reliable information on their websites and social medical pages.

The best way to avoid health risks from self-diagnosis and self-treatment is to see a doctor.

Dr. Fardad Mobin is the expert to see for back pain and other neurological conditions.

Pain, Your Back, and Nervous System

Your nervous system is vital for various body processes. It involves complex organs that coordinate to make your body move. Moreover, it controls involuntary movements. It helps you breathe and digest food without consciously thinking about specific organs to do their functions.

Crucial parts of your nervous system include the brain, spine, and nerves.

Your nervous system scatters to different body parts through your long-reaching nerves. These nerves connect to the spinal cord to allow your brain to process information and send responses.

Your spine is a complex structure that attaches to other tissues. It includes muscles and joints.

Your spine is a flexible and complex structure through its components. The discs that sit between every vertebrae support the impact of various body movements.

Moreover, your ribs also attach to the midsection of your spine.

Any issue with all the body parts that connect to your spine may result in back pain and other symptoms.

Pain is a symptom of many illnesses. It is also a symptom of many neurological conditions. 

Also, it occurs in any part of the body. There might be issues with your spine health if the pain is in your back.

Facts About Lumbar Fusion Surgery 

Lumbar fusion surgery is a solution to many possible lumbar spine conditions. It provides long-term pain relief if done expertly.

Additionally, lumbar fusion surgery prevents vertebral movements to reduce pain in the target area. It copies the natural bone healing process by placing a bone or similar medical-grade material between two vertebrae.

It is a serious medical procedure. It has some risk for adverse side effects. Ensure you get your lumbar fusion surgery from a skillful and well-experienced doctor.

The doctor that conducts this procedure is neurosurgeons.

Dr. Mobin is a neuro surgeon Los Angeles doctor helping patients get long-term pain relief through surgery or non-invasive treatments. Your treatment varies from the diagnosis.

Dr. Mobin suggests lumbar fusion surgery or other back surgery if the non-invasive treatments do not work.

He also does not suggest lumbar disc surgery if other minimally invasive treatments are available.

Dr. Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery has thousands of experience with various types of spine surgery.

Why Choose Mobin Neurosurgery for your Lumbar Spine Surgery This December 2022?

Mobin Neurosurgery is a Neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic to get your lumbar spine surgery this December 2022.

Dr. Mobin is a well-experienced Spine Surgery Los Angeles doctor. He helps patients get long-term relief through state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Moreover, his treatments focus on minimally invasive procedures. He does not suggest surgery for your medical condition without exhausting non-invasive treatment options.

Moreover, Dr. Mobin helps patients get pain relief from pinched nerves, radiculopathy, and sciatica.

He also helps patients get pain relief from herniated discs issues.

Also, some of the minimally invasive treatments to expect include rest, physical therapy, and injections. Moreover, it includes taking medicines and massage therapy.

Mobin Neurosurgery is the spinesurgeon LA clinic to get solutions for your various pain concerns.

Many patients got their long-term pain relief with the help of Dr. Mobin. It is your turn to enjoy life to the fullest.

Welcome the new year with the hope of a better quality of life. The first step is to book a consultation.

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