Why Get Spine Surgery from a Neurosurgeon for Sciatica?

Your health may limit you from enjoying life to the fullest. For example, spinal issues may prevent you from continuing your active lifestyle. 

Imagine a gymnast who cannot participate in competitions due to a spine injury. 

A healthy body offers you multiple benefits. 

The Benefits of Attaining Ideal Health 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy person obtains physiological, emotional, mental, and social well-being. 

Additionally, WHO mentions that the presence of an illness does not prevent a person from obtaining well-being. 

You can still be healthy if you have a medical condition. It is also the same for those with incurable illnesses. 

One of the ways to attain wellness despite having an illness is symptom control. For example, people with diabetes can still be healthy by taking medications to control their blood pressure. They might also consider skipping added sugars in their diet. Regular exercise helps you obtain wellness. 

A healthy person achieves many benefits. Here are some:

Better Sleep Quality

Sleep is vital for optimal health. It has multiple benefits for your body. Issues with sleep patterns might indicate something wrong in your body. 

Additionally, sleep helps recharge your mind. 

It allows you to recharge your body. 

Some indications of healthy sleep quality include the ability to fall asleep in approximately 30 minutes. 

Better sleep quality encompasses not more than one episode of waking up in the evening. If it happens, you get back to sleep for approximately 20 minutes. 

Another helpful sign of optimal sleep quality is a well-rested feeling and refreshed after waking up. 

Normal Bowel Movement

Your digestive system has a crucial role in your health. It helps your body absorb the nutrients from food. 

One of the functions of the digestive system is the removal of waste materials from your food. These substances come in the form of your stool. 

A healthy person should not experience pain during bowel movements. If you feel you have bowel movement issues, contact your doctor immediately.

Healthy Urinary Tract

Your urinary system is also a vital factor in your health. Issues with kidney health and other urinary tract disorders affect your well-being. 

One of the roles of your urinary system includes detoxification. 

Contrary to popular belief, the detox drinks you see make the role of this system redundant. 

One of its organs is your kidneys. It filters toxins from your blood. 

Moreover, it gets rid of excess water in your body. 

It helps remove the toxins that enter your body.

One of the signs of a healthy urinary system includes pale yellow urine. It indicates proper hydration. 

Urinary incontinence might be a sign of a health issue. Others would also associate this with neurological health concerns. 

The best option for urinary tract issues is a medical consultation. 

Beautiful Skin and Hair

New England Skin Center, a medical aesthetic clinic, offers beauty enhancement services that support health. For example, it offers IV therapy to its patients. 

The services of medical spas focus on health because a healthy body shows on the skin. 

One of the signs of a healthy body is beautiful skin. It entails even-toned, moisturized, and supple skin.  

Your hair may also show signs of your health. 

Hair fall happens to everyone. However, excessive hair fall may indicate health concerns. 

Some of the possible causes of excessive hair fall are hormonal imbalance and nutritional issues. 

A healthy person only sheds not more than 100 strands a day. Moreover, it encompasses head hair growth for approximately 6 inches annually. 

Regular Menstrual Period

Your menstruation period may show signs of your health. A healthy person regularly experiences menstruation every month. 

People who skip their menstrual period without getting pregnant may indicate some health issues. 

People with polycystic ovarian syndrome experience irregular menstrual periods.

Seek medical attention if you experience irregularities with your menstrual cycle. 

Consistent Energy Levels

Many people function productively without the need for a caffeine boost. However, some people cannot start their work day without coffee. 

People with inconsistent energy levels throughout the day might have some health issues. 

One of the signs of healthy individuals is consistent energy levels while doing activities during the day. 

It includes the lack of pain and other significant issues while doing regular activities. 

Helps with Work Safety

A healthy person who attains mind, body, and social well-being is more alert at work. Some jobs require extra care in the workplace. 

There is a risk of accidents. A sharp mind and body help prevent these unwanted events in the workplace. 

Imagine getting a cut from a factory due to your lack of attentiveness. 

Moreover, there is also a risk of accidents in the office area. The lack of alertness may also result in slips from a wet floor in the office. 

Better Productivity at Work

Job responsibilities and descriptions vary from one position to another. However, every work description entails brain and body alertness. 

An ideal health condition helps you become more productive at work. 

Your Spine and Its Health

Your spine experiences the impact of aging. However, other factors influence your spine health. 

Some people would only experience spine issues in their senior years. Alternatively, others would visit their doctors for spine health concerns. 

People experience spine issues from an illness or injury. 

Some people would only receive medications or other non-invasive treatments for their spine health issues. However, others might need surgery for theirs. 

Before you sign up for surgery, ensure you understand your spine. It entails asking your spine surgeon anything you want to know. Additionally, supplement it with research. 

You can research your spine and medical condition. Then, ask your doctor about the validity of your gathered information. 

Some online sources might be inaccurate or outdated. Some companies and individuals put articles on the internet without rechecking the validity of their content. Alternatively, some online content misinformation might result from human error. 

Many companies partner with Really Good Content, a digital marketing firm, to prevent misinformation. Content creation experts offer high-quality content to clients. It helps prevent misinformation. Moreover, it enhances the communication functions of a website or social media page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Doctors spent years in their specialization and education. They also update themselves on the latest technologies used in their field. The most valid information about spine health will be from them.

Here are some points to consider when learning about your spine health:

Your spine has multiple components. 

The spine is not a one-bone part of your body. It consists of various tissues that attach. 

Your spine includes small bones called vertebrae. It also has discs that rest between these tiny bones. These discs serve as cushions to your vertebrae. Additionally, muscles also attach to your spine. 

Additionally, there are various sections in your spine. These sections include your cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and others. 

Your cervical spine is the top part. It supports the weight of your head. 

Moreover, it allows you to painlessly move your head. 

Furthermore, your thoracic spine is the center part of your backbone. It is the section where your ribs attach. 

Below your thoracic spine is your lumbar spine. Many backaches are on this section of your backbone. One of its roles includes body weight support. 

Your vertebrae souse your spinal cord

The stacked tiny bones of your spine have a space in their center. This space is for your spinal cord.

The spinal cords need a durable structure that prevents them from injury. There is a risk of permanent paralysis from spinal cord injury.  

Your spine is part of your nervous system. 

Your spinal cord rests on your spinal canal. Nerves scatter different body parts from their attachments to your spinal cord. 

An issue with your spine impacts your nervous system. 

Your Nervous System

Your nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. A healthy nervous system helps you make body movements without pain.

People with injuries or neurological conditions experience discomfort and pain. 

Medical Conditions Affecting Your Spine Health

The spine is not indestructible. Accidents and some medical conditions may influence its durability and health. 

An example of a medical condition influencing your spine health is a herniated disc. It occurs after a disc from your spine ruptures. It can result in pain. 

Mobin Neurosurgery, a neurosurgeon LA clinic, prioritizes minimally invasive treatments for patients. 

In some cases, the spine surgery Los Angeles clinic recommends surgery for your medical condition. 

Additionally, some people complain of pain from their buttocks to their legs. It is a symptom of sciatica. It is pain that results from a compressed sciatic nerve. The compression might result from a spine injury. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic that helps patients get long-lasting relief. 

Additionally, people would also complain about back pain caused by spinal stenosis. The space where your spinal cord rests narrows as you age. It might compress nerves that branch out from your spinal cord. These compressions cause pain and discomfort to many patients. Others complain of its disabling effects. 

Pain, Your Spine, and Quality of Life

Pain is a result of many medical conditions and results after an injury. Some pain is mild. Others are severe.

Moreover, two people who experience the same pain intensity might perceive it differently. For example, might claim the pain is tolerable. Alternatively, the other person might describe it as intolerable. 

Also, the pain has multiple classifications. 

Pain duration can be acute or chronic. 

The usual cause of acute pain is an injury or medical condition. This is a short-lived type of pain. It disappears after a few days or weeks. 

On the other hand, chronic pain lasts longer. Chronic pain can be disabling for some people. It entails intermittent pain attacks. The unpredictability of chronic pain attacks makes them disabling. Imagine getting pain attacks on one side of your head for a minute and then getting another one after an hour. What if that day was before your final examinations?

Another classification of pain is nociceptive pain. It entails a signal of harm in your body. For example, it can result from skin exposure to extreme heat. Extreme cold temperatures also trigger this type of pain. 

Additionally, neuropathic pain results from an injury or medical condition relating to your nervous system. Neuropathic pain can result from a nerve injury. 

One of the risks for nerve damage is a spine injury. Your spine holds multiple nerve roots. Issues with the spinal canal, spinal cord, and herniated discs might injure your nerves. 

Pain is not only a result of neurological conditions. It can come from illnesses or injuries anywhere in your body. 

A neurosurgeon helps you get long-term solutions for the medical condition causing your pain attacks. 

An Expert in Spine Health

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon in Los Angeles. He has years of experience with spine surgery and other medical treatments for neurological health issues. Moreover, he is a board-certified neurosurgeon. 

Also, he does not immediately recommend surgery if there are minimally invasive treatments available for your medical condition. 

Some of the minimally invasive treatments include rest, medication, and physical therapy. Additionally, it includes exercise, massage, and medical injections. 

Dr. Mobin suggests surgery if the non-invasive treatments do not work. 

In surgery, he has state-of-the-art equipment and tools for your safety. 

Dr. Mobin is the right expert to help you with your spine health concerns. 

Why Get your Spine Surgery from a Neurosurgeon for Sciatica?

Dr. Mobin is a neurosurgeon for sciatica with years of experience in spine surgery. He devises treatment plans for patients with long-term relief in mind. 

Additionally, Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic offering treatment for various neurological conditions. 

Dr. Mobin can help with your herniated discs, spine injuries, and nerve issues. 

He offers spine surgery when minimally invasive treatments do not resolve your neurological concerns. 

Additionally, he uses the latest machines and tools in surgery. 

Moreover, he also prioritizes minimally invasive procedures during surgery. 

Get medical treatment from a spine surgeon or LA specialist. 

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