Where to Get Your Lumbar Disc Surgery in Los Angeles?

Imagine the difficulty of enduring back pain while working as a writer or graphic artist in a digital marketing company.

A trusted medspa digital marketing agency is Really Good Content. It has a team of highly motivated and skillful creative and technical professionals.

Imagine the impact of unpredictable and unbearable pain attacks on these creative and technical professionals. Their pain attacks might be the cause of work delays. 

Pain can be an inevitable result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, it can cause unavoidable injury from an accident.

The most challenging part of back pain prevention is an understanding of its cause. Moreover, a clearer perception of health helps you avoid unhealthy habits.

You cannot predict accidents. However, you can reduce your risk for certain medical conditions.

All About Health

Health is a one-word concept that supports world development. The individuals that contribute to world progression need to attain ideal health. It helps them give their all to their profession.  

Imagine the dangers of surgery led by a doctor with eye issues.

Moreover, imagine the teaching quality of teachers who get unpredictable pain attacks. Their absences from work may prevent students from optimizing their learning experiences in the classroom.

However, the presence of a medical condition, whether curable or incurable, does not mean you cannot be healthy. You can still be healthy.

According to the World Health Organization, you are healthy when you control the symptoms of your incurable illness.

For example, you are a healthy person with diabetes if you control your blood pressure. It is one of the side effects of this progressive and incurable illness.

Also, various aspects link to health. A state of emotional, mental, social, and physiological well-being helps you become healthy.

Signs That You Are Healthy

People have different health conditions. Others have allergies and illnesses.

However, it does not mean that they cannot be healthy.

Health is for everyone.

Here are some signs that you are healthy regardless of your health conditions:

You Have Healthy Eating Habits

Sometimes, the best indication of health is your eating habits.

A habit entails repetitive activities or actions that eventually come naturally for a person.

In the beginning, it can be difficult to change your unhealthy eating habits. Eventually, it becomes easier. In a few days or months, it becomes natural for you.

Dedication and perseverance help you stick to healthy eating habits.

No one diet formula fits everyone. Some people have allergies and medical conditions that prevent them from following a general diet. Medical advice from a doctor helps you know which food to include and limit in your diet.

One of the well-known rules for healthy eating includes choosing whole foods. It entails selecting unprocessed foods.

A type of processed food can be a healthier option than the other kind.

It entails chemically or mechanically processed foods.

Chemically processed food includes preservatives and other chemicals that prolong the shelf-life of foods. It entails canned, frozen, and packed foods you see in grocery stores.

There are many instances when chemically processed food also undergoes mechanical processes. It includes shredded or cut tuna in cans.

Mechanical food processing becomes a healthier food option when unnatural ingredients are not part of the procedure. It entails sliced steak and chicken. Moreover, it includes ground meat.

Moreover, fruits are better snack options than candy. Excessive sugar intake comes from the added sugar of natural foods.

Moreover, water is healthier than soda and other chemically processed drinks.

You Have Regular Bowel Movement

There is no fixed schedule for everyone for bowel movements. It becomes healthy when you go to the bathroom for it at regular intervals.

You Have Good Sleep Quality

Another indication of a healthy body is ideal sleep quality. It includes feeling well-rested after you wake up in the morning.

You Have Mental Wellness

 Mental wellness does not mean being elated every day. Instead, it is the state of learning to see the positive side of every situation. It includes learning to handle stressful situations.

You Have Better Relationships 

As mentioned earlier, your social relationships are vital to be healthy.

Better relationships under this context are not only for romantic relations. It also includes your relationship with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Signs That There is Something Wrong in Your Body

Two of the culprits of an unhealthy body are illnesses and injuries.

Various factors influence the occurrence of these instances.

Here are some signs that show a potential health issue in your body:

Unknown Cause of Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

Sudden weight change is an indication of many possible medical conditions. It can result from curable or incurable illnesses.

For example, sudden weight loss is a symptom of cancer.

Moreover, sudden weight changes can result from thyroid or cardiovascular health issues. Also, it can be a symptom of diabetes.

Abnormal Appetite Shifts

Significant appetite shifts are the possible culprit for your weight loss or gain. It can be a result of digestive health issues or other medical conditions.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath after an exercise does not mean you have a severe medical condition. 

However, it is a symptom of many possible illnesses.

For example, it can be a symptom of lung health issues. It can be due to asthma or blood clots in the lungs. Additionally, it is also a symptom of low blood pressure.

Abnormal Skin Discolorations

Sometimes, your skin reveals your health.

For example, yellowish skin is a symptom of liver health issues.

Abnormal Skin Growth or Rashes

Another way your skin reveals a potential health concern is through abnormal skin growth or rashes.

Abnormal skin growth may mean skin cancer. Additionally, rashes can be a result of infections.

The best option to get a proper diagnosis is to see a dermatologist. About Skin Derm is a dermatology clinic you can visit for your skin health consultation.


Another indication of a health concern is pain. It can be on your back, neck, arms, legs, or anywhere.

One of the disabling types of pain entails backaches.

All About Back Pain

Back pain is a result of many possible medical conditions or injuries.

Pain entails varying types or combinations of sensations.

It encompasses throbbing, aching, tingling, and burning sensations on a specific body part.

There are different classifications of pain. For example, it can be long-term or short-term.

Short-term pain entails acute pain which results from either injury or illnesses. 

Acute pain ceases after your injury heals. 

Moreover, it disappears when you recover from your medical condition.

Another pain classification is chronic pain. 

Pain can result from acute pain that still occurs after an injury heals.

Moreover, it can also occur when pain does not disappear after you recover from an illness.

Chronic pain entails long-term incidents of unpredictable pain attacks.

The unpredictability of chronic pain makes it disabling for many patients. Some patients describe an unfavorable quality of life due to their chronic pain episodes.

Pain relates to your nervous system. Pain messages that travel within your nervous system allow you to feel its differing sensations.

Your Nervous System

The nervous system is a complex and helpful part of your body. It coordinates with other organs to help you feel sensations, breathe, and walk.

Your nervous system has two sections that coordinate with each other. It includes your Central Nervous System. Also, it consists of the brain and spinal cord. 

Also, it encompasses your Peripheral Nervous System. Additionally, it includes the nerves that scatter throughout your body.

Neurological Health Issues

Many patients experience neck or back pain. It can be a result of an injury or medical conditions.

Also, nerve health issues include radiculopathy and sciatica.

Some people with herniated discs experience back pain and other discomforts.

A herniated disc on the lumbar spine may require surgery.

An expert in spine health is neurosurgeons. Dr. Fardad Mobin is a spinesurgeon LA skillful doctor with multiple experiences in lumbar disc surgery.

He also helps patients get long-term recovery from their various neurological health concerns.

An Expert in Neurological Health Concerns

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery is the neurosurgeon Los Angeles expert to get help for your neurological conditions.

Dr. Fardad Mobin has multiple experiences with lumbar fusion surgery, back surgery, herniated disc treatment, and more.

He is a board-certified Neuro Surgeon Los Angeles doctor with thousands of experiences with spine surgery.

Moreover, he prioritized minimally invasive treatments before offering surgery as an option.

Mobin Neurosurgery: The Place You Can Trust for Your Lumbar Disc Surgery in Los Angeles

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon LA clinic that offers long-term treatment options to patients.

Dr. Mobin devises a personalized treatment plan for your unique neurological and spine health concern.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic to get your lumbar disc surgery.

Moreover, Dr. Mobin helps patients with pain relief from radiculopathy, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis. He also helps patients resolve sciatica.

Mobin Neurosurgery values your safety, health, and quality of life.

Get help from a neurosurgeon today.

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