Top Neurosurgeon Services You Need To Know

Your nervous system is not just your brain. It includes your spinal cord and nerves as well. Also, it is a complex structure with tissues, muscles, and cells attached to it.

Your skull protects your brain. On the other hand, your vertebrae serve as the home of your spinal cord. Also, it houses various nerve branches. The backbone alone is a complex structure. 

One part of it out of place can cause disablement. Disablement in this context is beyond physical. The emotional effects of many spine disorders can influence how you enjoy life. Nothing is more disabling than not living life to the fullest.

One of these disabling illnesses is scoliosis. Scoliosis is a spine disorder usually diagnosed among children in their adolescence. However, diagnosis for these illnesses chooses no age. Aside from the physical pain from chronic backaches, it also affects mental health. If you have this spine disorder, your self-esteem may be affected. Uneven hips and shoulders may take a hit in your confidence. Thus, affecting your mental health.

Many medical conditions are treatable. It means you need an expert for your neurological disorder treatment. However, many people would not visit an expert unless they feel intolerable pain. Know that early diagnosis for many illnesses increases your chances of immediate and complete recovery. It means regular checkups with a specialist helps.

If you have a neurological disorder, you must have sufficient background in the nervous system. Alternatively, learning about the nervous system is relevant knowledge even if you are not diagnosed with a neurological illness.

How Complex Is The Nervous System?

Your nervous system is a complex part of your body that you cannot live without. Without it, you cannot move. Also, your body cannot process voluntary and involuntary actions without it. Without the orders from the central nervous system, you cannot breathe nor scroll your phone. Also, your heart will not pump blood if it does not receive signals through the nerves and neurons.

Important Parts Of The Nervous System

Your nervous system has many parts. Its primary components include your brain, nerves, and spinal cord.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of the central nervous system. This part of your nervous system works by receiving and sending out signals and orders to different parts of your body. Also, the central nervous system is responsible for analyzing information from sensory signals and making appropriate reaction orders to related body components. For example, when you touch a hot surface, your nerves send signals to your brain. Upon receiving the message, the brain then processes the information and makes the order to register it as a hot surface. That is how you know that you touched something hot.

Another relevant part of your nervous system is your nerves. Your nerves are part of your peripheral nervous system. It serves as a passageway of signals carried by neurons that travel to and from the brain. This part of your nervous system is responsible for body and brain coordination. For example, healthy nerves allow voluntary and involuntary body processes like breathing and walking.

What Does Neurological mean?

The term neurological pertains to anything that relates to your nervous system. If you are talking about neurological disorders, it means it is illnesses connected to all the parts of your nervous system. Know that the nervous system includes your spinal cord and nerves. It means it does not pertain only to your brain. So, a neurological disorder means an illness in either your spinal cord, spine, nerves, or brain. 

Who Is A Neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon specializes in neurosurgery. Also, a neurosurgeon underwent board certification to practice medical procedures. In the case of a neurosurgeon, he specializes in conducting surgery on different components in your nervous system. 

 If you are looking for a specialist to treat various neurological disorders, then a neurosurgeon is the specialist you should see. 

What Is Neurosurgery?

A neurosurgeon conducts neurosurgery on patients with neurological disorders. Neurosurgeons can legally perform brain and spine surgery. On the other hand, neurologists can also do surgical procedures as long as it is not on the brain and spine. 

Surgery is not the only solution to all neurological problems. A good neurosurgeon should offer minimally invasive options before providing the surgical alternative to patients. 

The treatment strategies of different neurosurgeons can be different from one another. Choose a neurosurgeon LA that prioritizes less invasive treatments before resorting to surgical options. 

Neurological Disorders

As mentioned earlier, neurological disorders influence any part of the nervous system. The cause of neurological disorders can be hereditary or environmental. It means you may have gotten it from the genes of your parents. Also, you may have acquired it through external factors like wear and tear and accidents.

Here are a few neurological disorders you need to know before booking a consultation with a neurosurgeon:

Spine Disorders

There are different types of spine disorders. Some spine disorders include arthritis, herniated disc, osteoporosis, back pain, neck pain, and spinal fractures. 

The term arthritis pertains to a voluminous classification of joint inflammatory conditions. 

An example of arthritis affecting your spine is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs due to aging or former injury. 

Some of its symptoms include chronic joint pain, redness on the affected area, and swelling on the joint.

Also, a herniated disc occurs when the discs between your backbones break. When these discs rupture, a gel-like substance gets released. The gel-like compound from the broken discs can reach your spinal cord and nerves. This condition can result in pain and sciatica. 

Additionally, osteoporosis is a medical condition where your bones lose volume, according to WebMD. This condition results in bone fractures. Women, in general, have a high risk of osteoporosis than men. Also, menopausal women have a higher risk of getting this illness. 

Furthermore, back pain is a symptom of many disorders. Some of the possible causes of back pain include a herniated disc, trauma, and pinched nerves. Chronic back pain can affect your quality of life. Get it checked by a Neuro Surgeon Los Angeles.

Moreover, similar to back pain, neck pain can be a symptom of various spinal disorders. For example, neck pain can mean you may have spondylolisthesis or pinched nerves. Alternatively, neck pain can mean you have arthritis or spinal fractures. You can never know the cause of your neck pain unless you have it checked by a spinesurgeon LA. 

Also, spinal fractures do not only arise through accidents or trauma. For example, you might get spinal fractures from osteoporosis. To get to the cause of your spinal fracture, you need to have it checked by the appropriate specialist


Like back pain and neck pain, headaches can be a symptom of an illness. There are two classifications of headaches. The first classification is a primary headache. Primary headaches result from the over-activity of sensors that transmit signals pointing to pain to the brain. Migraine is an example of this classification of headache. 

Additionally, the second classification is a secondary headache. Secondary headaches are the results of an underlying medical condition. It means that your headache under this classification is from an illness. For example, you may have brain tumors or acute sinusitis. 

You cannot determine the classification of your headaches if you do not consult with an expert. Make an appointment now with a Neurosurgeon Los Angeles.


Stroke is a common neurological disorder. When there is a significant insufficient blood flow on the brain, you increase your risk for stroke. Usually, the cause of this lack of blood flow on the brain is due to blockage or blood clots. 

Some of the symptoms of a stroke include weakness of the face and changes in eyesight. Additionally, you may experience difficulty keeping balance and weakness in your arms before you get a stroke. Also, you may have problems talking before getting a stroke. There is no definite sign of a stroke. There is no schedule as well. To prevent stroke, get regular checkups with the right professional

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease can be disabling. An article from New York Times mentions how this neurological disorder can affect productivity. 

There is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease. It primarily affects movement and coordination. It means you may have difficulty walking or talking during the later stages of this illness. 

Also, it is a progressive disease. It means the illness gets worst over time. According to Mayo Clinic, medication and surgery can help with its symptoms. 

Services To Expect When You Enter A Neurological Clinic

Mobin Neurosurgery is your spinesurgeon LA clinic that helps you get proper diagnosis and treatment for your neurological disorders. 

Various neurosurgical clinics employ different tools and techniques. Mobin Neurosurgery prioritizes minimal invasive treatments before offering surgical options. It means they value your safety more than profits. 

Here are some of their top treatments you can consider when you book a consultation with them:

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery can resolve many spine issues. For example, it can restore the structure of your spine. Also, it can relieve pain by relieving pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.  

The first classification is deformity correction. Spine surgery on deformity correction can help you if you have scoliosis. 

Additionally, the second classification is decompression. You can benefit from this classification of spine surgery if you have a lumbar discectomy. 

In many spine surgeries, neurosurgeons may also employ both. 

Pinched Nerve Treatment

Two common examples of pinched nerve conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition occurring in some nerves in your hand. It happens when these nerves get compressed. These nerves get compressed along with the carpal bones. It is a painful condition often caused by the repetitive movement of your fingers. 

On the other hand, sciatica is a pain you feel radiating from your hips, lower back, buttocks, up to one side of your leg. Mobin Neurosurgery offers effective Sciatica pain relief Los Angeles. The first step you need to take is to book a consultation

Disc Replacement

You may need a disc replacement if you have chronic back pain. Also, you may need this medical procedure if you have a disc rupture or pinched nerve. Alternatively, your neurosurgeon may suggest disc replacement if you have radiculopathy. 

Mobin Neurosurgery employs modern techniques and tools to provide safe and accurate disc replacement surgery. After the surgery, you become more flexible. Also, you can enjoy life without worrying about chronic pain in your back or neck. 

Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Mobin neurosurgery prioritizes your safety by offering many treatment options for your neurological illness. These options include minimally invasive surgical treatments. Mobin Neurosurgery will not offer surgery unless less invasive treatment options are available. It means you get Sciatica pain relief Los Angeles or back pain relief through the safest treatment available for you.

Less invasive treatment options may include physical therapy and medication. Also, minimally invasive treatments include lifestyle changes recommendations. It means your doctor may prescribe you to add more exercise and healthy eating to your daily routine.  

Get A Spine Surgeon Committed To Excellence And Safety

In the hands of Mobin Neurosurgery, you get the safest and effective treatments for Sciatica pain relief Los Angeles and chronic back pain. 

The medical team employs their commitment to offering safe and accurate through exploiting minimally invasive treatments before offering surgical options. That way, you get Sciatica pain relief Los Angeles and other neurological disorder treatments in the safest option available. 

Different neurosurgeons employ different techniques and tools to resolve various neurological issues. It means you need to find the right expert. At Mobin Neurosurgery, you will be in the safe hands of Doctor Fardad Mobin. He is a board-certified neurosurgeon with more than 2,000 spine surgery experience. 

Get your back pain, hand pain, neck ache, or scoliosis checked by the medical professionals at Mobin Neurosurgery. Book a consultation now!



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