Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Health involves multiple life aspects. It is not only about your physiological well-being.

Also, health involves your mental, emotional, and social well-being.  

Healthy people perform better at work. Moreover, they make friends easier. Furthermore, they build long-lasting relationships. Their mental and emotional well-being contributes to their relationship building.

Additionally, the physiological aspect of health is the highly noticeable aspect when something is wrong with your body.

Your body has different ways to signal that there is something wrong with it.

Signs That There is Something Wrong With Your Body

Doctors are there to help you get a proper diagnosis of your medical condition.

However, some people are stubborn enough that they do it themselves by searching the internet.

Many people fall victim to misinformation from various media.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant digital shift in society.

Many joined the online community when virtual space became their safest option during the pre-vaccination era of the pandemic.  

It leads to the popularity of work-from-home setups and remote communication among family members and friends.

Different organizations also thrived during the pre-vaccination era of the recent pandemic with the help of modern technology. Even religious organizations benefited from it.

However, the opportunities provided by cyberspace were not without any disadvantages.

The risk for misinformation increased when people relied on the internet for information.

Cyberspace misinformation includes the intentional or unintentional incidence of acquiring incorrect information from the internet.

Many companies took the significant digital shift as a business opportunity. It led them to pursue digital marketing efforts.

A partnership with digital marketing agencies allows businesses to produce reliable and correct content. It helps prevent misinformation on the virtual landscape.

Really Good Content is a digital marketing agency that helps healthcare clinics create informative and correct digital content.

However, an internet search about your symptoms for self-diagnosis is dangerous. It can worsen your medical condition or cause irreversible health impacts. In the worst cases, it can cause death.

Here are some signs to know when to get a doctor consultation:

Always feel colder than usual. 

There will be times of the year when you need to wear a sweater even inside your house. However, an unusual and frequent feeling of being cold might indicate a medical condition.

For example, some people with thyroid health issues. The slow energy conversion process may make it hard for your body to provide heat.

A doctor is the only qualified and skilled person to seek a medical diagnosis.

Sudden Weight Loss

Are the people you see every day notice your sudden weight loss?

Sudden weight fluctuation can mean a serious or non-serious medical condition.

Many possible illnesses result from sudden weight loss. For example, it is a symptom of pancreatic or esophageal cancer. Moreover, it can be a possible symptom of stomach cancer.

Other illnesses cause sudden weight loss. Do not immediately jump to conclusions if some of your loved ones notice your sudden weight loss. The best option for a proper diagnosis is to see a doctor.

Bowel Movement or Bladder Issues

Noticeable bowel movements and bladder issues might be a sign of serious illnesses. However, it can also be not.

Some of the serious causes of bowel movement irregularities are colon and ovarian cancer.

On the other hand, a serious illness that causes bladder issues is prostate cancer.

Alternatively, it can be any non-serious medical condition that disappears after you take a pill prescribed by your doctor.


Pain is a symptom of many medical conditions.

You feel pain through neurological signals that travel through your nervous system. It is usually a sign that there is something wrong with your health.

There are many classifications of pain that people experience.

For example, it can be acute. Acute pain can come from an injury. Alternatively, it can result from an illness.

Acute pain is short-term. It disappears after a day or a few weeks.

However, there are times when the pain sensation continues after your recovery. It is when chronic pain occurs.

However, it is not the only way to get chronic pain. It can be a sign of unresolved illnesses.

Chronic pain treatment requires the expertise of doctors.

All About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a disabling condition for many people. It has the power to disable you if it gets too intense.

Here are some of the characteristics of chronic pain:

Power to Disable Patients

Chronic pain occurs differently in people. Others experience mild chronic pain episodes.

Some experience moderate pain that does not bother their everyday life.

However, some cannot do their regular activities due to intense chronic pain.

Chronic pain attacks become disabling when people cannot do their daily activities with sufficient productivity.

It can impact your career growth. Imagine failing to get the acceptance of an investor due to your unfavorable presentation. Your chronic pain attacks might be the reason you held back on that crucial presentation at work.

Alternatively, it can ruin the productivity of students at school. Imagine getting a low score on a test because of your intense pain attacks that lasted for 2 hours.

Intermittent Pain Attacks

Another feature of chronic pain that makes it disabling is its intermittent nature.

It can occur now and disappear after a few minutes or hours.

The trick with this disabling medical condition is the variety of every pain episode.

Random Pain Attacks and Unpredictable Intensity

Chronic pain occurs randomly. There may not be any signs of an approaching pain attack.

Alternatively, several people had chronic pain for a long time. These people may sometimes predict the high probability of a pain episode.  

Chronic pain attacks present differently for patients. It can come as mild to severe headaches or back pain.

The Many Possible Causes of Your Back Pain 

Back pain is not a symptom of only one illness. There are many possible causes of this sometimes unbearable pain.

For example, it can come from a spine injury.

Alternatively, it can be from sciatica or a herniated disc.

Others might experience chronic back pain from spinal stenosis.

There are more on the list of possible causes of back pain.

Mobin Neurosurgery, a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic, is the place to get help for your chronic back pain.

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon LA doctor to help you get long-term back pain relief.

Dr. Fardad Mobin: A Doctor to Help You Get Long-term Pain Relief

Dr. Mobin is a Spine Surgery Los Angeles doctor with thousands of back surgery experience.

However, he does not only help you through surgery. He will not suggest surgery without offering non-invasive treatments for your medical conditions.

Dr. Mobin is a Neurosurgeon in Los Angeles doctor that helps patients get long-term relief. He helps them from radiculopathy, neck pain, and other neurological conditions through non-invasive treatments.

He only suggests surgery if non-invasive treatments are ineffective.

For example, he might suggest lumbar disc surgery or lumbar fusion surgery if medicines do not resolve your pain issues.

Back surgery is a serious decision. Ensure you get it from a well-experienced and board-certified neurosurgeon.

Dr. Mobin is a licensed spine surgeon LA doctor with thousands of spine surgery experience. He is the expert to help you get safe lumbar fusion surgery.

Need-to-know Facts Before Getting Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Lumbar fusion surgery provides many health benefits to patients when done by a licensed and experienced neurosurgeon.

However, ensure you know some crucial facts about this surgery before you sign up for one.

Here are some things you need to know before you get lumbar fusion surgery:

1. It is a serious surgery that has a potential for adverse side effects. 

One of the possible outcomes of lumbar fusion surgery is it does not cure the target illness.

Additionally, there is a risk of infection and bleeding after the surgery.

Ensure you communicate thoroughly with your doctor before getting one.

2. Many people get lumbar fusion surgery. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans get lumbar fusion surgery yearly. You are not a rare case for getting this type of surgery.

3. It does not only treat chronic pain. 

Lumbar fusion surgery helps relieve chronic back pain. However, it is not the only medical condition that it resolves.

It is also helpful for facet arthropathy and spondylolisthesis.

Facet arthropathy is a degenerative spine disorder that causes intense pain in patients.

On the other hand, spondylolisthesis occurs when a bone from your spine slides forward on the one below it. It also causes pain to patients.

Why Choose Mobin Neurosurgery for your Spine Surgery?

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon clinic in LA to help you get long-term pain relief.

Dr. Mobin helps improve your quality of life through non-invasive treatments. He offers surgery if the non-invasive treatments previously applied do not resolve your medical condition.

Dr. Mobin has thousands of experiences with back surgery. He is the doctor you need for your lumbar fusion surgery in Los Angeles.

Get long-term relief from chronic back pain now!

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