Top 3 Reasons a Neurosurgeon for Sciatica Can Help with Your Pain-Relief Treatment this October 2022?

A neurosurgeon and neurologist specialize in neurological health. However, only neurosurgeons have a license for surgery on the brain and spinal cord.

Also, a neurosurgeon helps many people get long-term relief from their disabling pain issues.

Many people experience sciatica. It is pain that occurs from your buttocks to your leg. It can result from a compressed sciatic nerve.

Why Get Help with a Neurosurgeon for Sciatica and Pain Relief?

Many patients seek long-term relief for their pain problems.

Here are some of the reasons to get pain treatment from a neurosurgeon for sciatica:

1. Specialized in Neurological Health

There is a connection between pain and your nervous system. Moreover, sciatica is highly related to your nervous system as it results from its compressed part.

Your nerves are part of your peripheral nervous system. It helps you sense your environment. Moreover, it helps you identify if a surface is hot or cold. Moreover, it helps your make reactions to a stimulus.

Additionally, you feel pain from an injury or medical condition through your nervous system.

A neurosurgeon specializes in surgery for various parts of your nervous system.

2. Board Certification

After receiving their state-issued medical license, neurosurgeons need more years of experience before qualifying for board certification. It will be under the authority of the American Board of Neurological Surgery.

It takes years before a neurosurgeon gets their board certification. It is a rigorous and tedious process that helps enhance the knowledge and skills of these medical practitioners. This requirement equips neurosurgeons the expertise in the complex parts of the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

3. Years of Education and Experience

It takes more than a decade of formal education to become a full-fledged board-certified neurosurgeon. After becoming a board-certified surgeon, practitioners pursue their field of specialization in neurosurgery.

Their years of education and experience equip them with the expertise for different neurological conditions treatment.

They can help with the diagnosis and treatment of congenital disorders in the spine, cancer tumors, and vascular illnesses.

Moreover, they can help with central nervous system infections and traumatic injuries to the nervous system.

Also, they can help you find the cause of your chronic pain attacks.

Some of the tools they use for diagnosis and treatment are CT, PET scans, and MRI machines. Moreover, their expertise encompasses Magnetoencephalography. It helps map the brain through recorded nerve impulses.

With the latest tools, a board-certified neurosurgeon offers minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, this technology also helps neurosurgeons in conventional open surgery.

Surgery is Not Necessary for Some Medical Conditions

A neurosurgeon will not immediately suggest surgery for patients. Some patients get zero invasive treatment for their pain and other medical conditions.

Here are some of the alternative treatments offered by neurosurgeons aside from surgery for pain relief and other medical conditions:

Hot Water Treatment

Hot water treatment is a helpful non-invasive treatment for some people with low back pain. It helps loosen joints. There is a chance that relief from this treatment extends for a few moments after submerging in water.

Ice or Cold Water Treatment

After an injury, ice therapy helps relieve swelling and pain. Moreover, it helps relieve muscle pain and soreness.

The Right Exercise

Exercises are not the same. Some are low-intensity and others are more effort-intensive.

For pain recovery, the correct information about the best exercise for your medical conditions will come from a doctor.

Some doctors might recommend light exercises for your treatment and recovery.


Your doctor might prescribe medicine to help relieve your pain and discomfort from your neurological condition.

Physical Therapy

Your neurosurgeon might prescribe physical therapy for your neurological condition or chronic pain attacks.

A physical therapist specializes in guiding and assisting patients with body movements that help with mobility and strength enhancement.


Some medical conditions do not need a prescription or over-the-counter medications for treatment. One of the most non-invasive medical treatments is rest.

Your doctor might require you to take a day or more from rigorous activities.

Some of the health benefits of rest are:

  • Better mood
  • Lowered stress
  • Healthier immune system
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Pain relief

Mindful Exercises

There are some instances when stress worsens pain.

For example, a stress hormone level increase escalates your risk for inflammation over time. Inflammation causes pain.

Your doctor might recommend exercises that help relieve stress. For example, you can try yoga or tai chi.

What Questions Do I Ask my Neurosurgeon?

Many people see the neurosurgeon for tumors in their brain or spinal cord. Others visit a neurosurgeon after a traumatic head or spine injury.

Alternatively, people with non-emergency-related cases get to schedule appointments for their check-ups with a neurosurgeon.

If your medical concern is not an emergency case, you have the liberty of preparing for the appointment. 

However, an immediate family member can help with these questions in emergency cases.

Here are some questions you can ask your neurosurgeon before a medical treatment or surgery:

  • Are there other options aside from surgery?
  • What are the possible outcomes of not agreeing with a surgery?
  • Is the surgery or treatment necessary?
  • Can you give more details about the medical procedure?
  • How many times did you perform a similar medical procedure?
  • What is the duration of the medical procedure?
  • Can we discuss insurance?
  • How long is my recovery period?
  • Is the impact of my medical condition permanent?
  • What do I need to do before the surgery?
  • Will I get long-term or permanent relief from pain?

All About Pain and Its Impact on Your Quality of Life

Pain is a complex topic. It encompasses uncomfortable sensations. 

It encompasses aching, throbbing, and burning sensations.

Moreover, it has multiple classifications. Additionally, people experience similar levels of pain differently.

For example, a person might describe their pain as severe. On the other hand, another person experiencing the same pain level might describe it as tolerable.

The Different Classifications of Pain

The two well-known classifications of pain are acute and chronic.

Acute pain is from an injury or medical condition. 

It can last for a day to weeks. Pain sensations disappear after your recovery from an illness or injury.

However, there are times when pain sensations exist after your recovery. This type of pain turns into chronic pain.

Chronic pain can last longer than acute pain. It occurs in unpredictable intervals and intensities. It often results from an uncured medical condition or a long-running illness.

Chronic pain can be disabling to some patients. Imagine not having the power to go to the office due to unbearable back pain.

What if that person is a teacher or a manager? Their subordinates may have difficulties with their activities without a leader.

Imagine a website designer getting chronic pain attacks a few minutes before a client meeting. It would impact their career and the profitability of the business.

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As a website designer, you help with the digital marketing effort of your company.

Another way to classify pain is through its source.

Nociceptive pain comes from tissue damage. It entails pain from a cut on your skin. Alternatively, it can result from a bone fracture or muscle injury.

On the other hand, neuropathic pain results from nerve damage.

Additionally, there are instances when pain originating from nerve or tissue damage worsens. 

Psychogenic pain results from an intensified pain sensation worsened by anxiety, depression, or stress. 

Fear can also worsen pain sensations.

Your Nervous System and its Vital Roles for Your Overall Health

There is a link between pain and your nervous system.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of your central nervous system. It coordinates in processing and sending messages to and from different body parts.

As mentioned earlier, your nerves make up your peripheral nervous system. It helps with the information relay between your brain and other body parts.

This connection helps your brain perceive your environment.

Furthermore, it helps your brain control voluntary and involuntary movements.

Your neurological health is also vital to other body parts.

For example, your cardiovascular system and nervous system have intersecting responsibilities. Your heart pumps blood that supplies the brain. In return, your brain controls the involuntary pumping of the heart.

The respiratory and nervous system coordinate harmoniously. It provides your brain with oxygen. On the other hand, the brain controls breathing.

Additionally, your brain controls movements within your digestive system. It provides the nutrients it needs to stay in ideal shape.

Despite having a healthy lifestyle, there are unavoidable risks for neurological conditions.

Accidents, genes, and lifestyles affect the risks for medical conditions.

Neurological conditions may result from an accident. Alternatively, it might result from the aging process.

Regardless of the source, medical conditions require a specialist. A specialist to call for your neurological health concern is a neurosurgeon.

Pain and Neurological Conditions

Many neurological conditions have pain as a symptom. Additionally, other non-neurological medical conditions also result in pain.

Pain is among the noticeable and disabling symptoms of many illnesses.

Here are some neurological conditions that may result in pain:


As mentioned, sciatica results from an issue with your sciatic nerve. It can be mild for some people. Alternatively, it can be uncomfortable and severe for others.

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a skillful neurosurgeon for sciatica. He helps patients get a better quality of life through long-term sciatica and pain relief.

Neck Injury

You will never know the occurrence of an accident. A neck injury can be lethal as it can impact your spinal cord.

Get help from a spinesurgeon LA specialist for your neck injury treatment.

Spine Injury

Another risk from falls and car accidents is spine injuries. It can cause pain or loss of sensations in the affected body parts.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a Spine Surgery Los Angeles clinic. It can help you with your spine health issues.

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs occur when a disc from your spine ruptures. It can cause pain for patients.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic that offers multiple treatment options for your medical condition.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs as part of the natural course of aging. It entails the narrowing spinal canal. The narrowed space increases the risks for compressed nerves.

Some people with this medical condition experience mild pain. 

However, some people might experience discomfort.

A neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic can help you with pain relief.


Some patients would get help from a neurosurgeon for a brain or spine tumor.

Ensure you get surgery from a licensed and board-certified surgeon.

Getting Treatment from a Neurosurgeon

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a well-skilled and board-certified neurosurgeon. His experiences in the medical field help him offer minimally invasive treatments and surgical procedures to patients.

His experience, tools, and equipment help him offer minimally invasive surgery for some medical conditions.

Also, he prioritizes non-invasive treatments before suggesting surgery.

He offers a surgery plan for you when the non-invasive treatments do not work.

Why Mobin Neurosurgery?

A neurosurgeon is an expert you can trust for your pain and neurological issues.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon LA clinic that helps patients get long-lasting pain relief.

Dr. Mobin is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles specialist for spine and other neurological health concerns.

He can help you with your back pain, neck aches, sciatica, and nerve issues.

Dr. Mobin can help you with your spine injuries.

Many patients now live life to the fullest after their treatment from Mobin Neurosurgery. Dr. Mobin helped patients get back their lives before the disabling and uncomfortable pain attacks.

Self-diagnosis and treatment are dangerous. Only get medical treatment from a board-certified specialist for your pain relief.

Dr. Mobin is a licensed neurosurgeon with years of experience in his field. He offers non-invasive treatment for his patients. 

Many patients share their experiences and relief after getting treatment from Mobin Neurosurgery

 It has a website. You can see patient reviews on its Testimonial page.

Attain better neurological health through Mobin Neurosurgery.

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