Top 3 Pain and Sciatica Myths You Need to Know

Many people focus their paths on their goals. Some would even center their direction on where they will grow their career. They would make decisions for financial gain. You might get all the success you can get. However, your health might get compromised for your dreams. 

The hard truth is that you cannot enjoy your successes in life if you compromise your health. There are other significant aspects for success to be meaningful. 

For example, you may not have to look at the prices of products while at a grocery store. However, you have no one to share a meal with at home. 

You may have been too focused on your career that you forgot to make meaningful relationships. Your family may have been distant over the past years. 

Do you know Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Money may have been one of your security needs. However, it is not the only need.

According to Verywellmind, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that people take actions based on different types of needs. 

These needs are in a triangle. On the bottom part of the triangle are physiological needs. These needs include the need for water, air, and food.  

Next to the physiological needs is security and safety needs. This type of need focuses on financial security, health, and safety. 

Next to the security and safety needs are social needs. Social needs involve your relationship with friends and family. It also includes your romantic relationships. Furthermore, it also covers your belongingness in a community or religious group.

Next to the social needs is esteem needs. This need includes the feeling of getting respect and appreciation. 

The last part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is self-actualization. It focuses on self-growth without the influence of the opinion of your social circle. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a tool vastly used in the world of business. However, you can learn a thing or two about life from it. For example, you have other needs. Do not only focus on your career growth. You may have stopped focusing on what matters most while reaching your dreams. 

For example, as you are too focused on your career, you skip many dance recitals for your children. They may feel distant from you while growing up. 

Additionally, you feel so confident with your decisions that you forget to listen to others. 

Alternatively, your intense focus on your financial freedom may have led you to skip appointments with your doctor. 

Health is also a significant factor in life. Health connects to life. 

You cannot enjoy life if you are not healthy. 

Also, you cannot enjoy your successes if you are not alive. 

Moreover, working too hard may result in illnesses. It may even worsen an already existing medical condition. 

These medical conditions may present symptoms that may influence your quality of life. For example, sciatica or other forms of pain may result from a medical condition. 

What is Health?

Health pertains to the state of mental, social, and physical wellness.

Additionally, it does not necessarily pertain to the lack of an illness. People with progressive or incurable illnesses can still be healthy.  

For example, diabetes is an incurable illness. However, there are ways to control its progression and symptoms. Having this progressive disease does not mean you cannot be healthy. You can be healthy by maintaining an ideal lifestyle.

How to Be Healthy?

Being healthy is not rocket science. However, the first step to a lifestyle change is the hardest. You might be changing years of habits.

Do not be discouraged by the difficulties of starting change. Like every habit, you have to do it continuously to get used to it. 

Here are some ways to be healthy:

Skip Highly Processed Food

Natural foods contain a healthy mix of nutrients your body needs. Processing these natural foods includes the addition of additives and preservatives. 

According to a source, highly processed food negatively affects health. Also, the source says that the added sugars, Trans fat, and refined carbohydrates make processed foods unhealthy. 

Additionally, the source reveals the different types of processed foods. These classifications of food processing include mechanical and chemical food processing. 

Mechanical food processing includes cutting and grinding meat. Moreover, it includes combining and mixing ingredients. 

On the other hand, chemical food processing includes adding unnatural and refined ingredients. 

Excessive intake of chemically processed food may negatively impact your overall health. 

To avoid processed foods, make a shopping list. Avoid processed foods and go natural. 

Cook Your Meals

You do not know what restaurants put in the food they serve. It may contain too much salt or sugar. Cooking your meals allows you to control the ingredients going into your food. 

Add Exercise to Your Routine

Exercise has many health benefits. It even impacts your aesthetics as sweat helps moisturize your skin. 

You have a skin care routine you do every day. Why not add exercise to your weekly routine? For example, you can walk to work. 

Moreover, you can make a makeshift home gym. Furthermore, you can get a gym membership. If there is a will, there is a way. 

Get Enough Rest

Sleep has many health benefits. Skipping it many times may affect your immune system and other functions in your body. 

According to a source, adults need at least seven hours of sleep to be healthy.  

Getting enough sleep has many benefits. For example, it helps give you better focus and mental alertness. 

Additionally, sufficient sleep helps you have a better mood throughout the day. 

Furthermore, it helps with weight management. 

Plan Your Meals

Some of the unhealthy eating choices come with unhealthy cravings and giving in to those cravings. To prevent unplanned unhealthy eating, plan your meals. 

For example, make a weekly meal plan. Moreover, you can also set a date for a cheat day. Making a meal plan allows you to limit your unhealthy food intake. 

Benefits of Being Healthy 

There are many benefits to being healthy. Here are some of the benefits you get for being healthy:

You Save Money

There are many money-saving benefits to being healthy. For example, being healthy means fewer sick days. It results in fewer trips to the doctor. Moreover, it prevents too many expenses for medicines and treatment. 

Additionally, a healthy lifestyle helps you save money. Cooking your meals means you control the ingredients that go into your food. Aside from the health benefits of knowing what is on your plate, it also helps you manage your finances. 

Another benefit of cooking your meals is the cost savings from restaurant bills. Eating out is more expensive than making your meals at home. 

Fewer Health Illnesses

There are factors affecting your health that are beyond your control. Examples of these factors are hereditary illnesses and injury.

However, there are medical conditions you can avoid by healthy living. 

When you choose healthy foods, you reduce your risk for many diseases. Moreover, adding exercise to your weekly routine helps prevent frequent trips to the doctor. 

Additionally, getting enough sleep helps strengthen your immunity. An empowered immune system prevents many illnesses. 

Better Quality of Life

Being healthy means you get to live your life to the fullest. 

Being free from illnesses allows you to do what you love. You do not skip family gatherings. You also do not need to skip events and call in sick. 

Also, being healthy means an incurable illness does not limit your enjoyment.  

What Limits You from Living Your Life to the Fullest?

Diseases and symptoms of illnesses can limit your enjoyment in life. 

For example, a herniated disc may be the reason for your unbearable lower back pain.

Symptoms of many illnesses include pain. Pain can be disabling. It negatively affects your quality of life. 

Everything You Need to Know About Pain

Characteristics of pain include tingling, burning, numbing, and aching sensations. 

Pain can be a symptom of an illness. Alternatively, it can result from an injury. 

Many medical conditions result in pain. For example, pinched nerves result in numbness and tingling sensations in the affected area. 

Pain relates to your nervous system. Your nervous system is a complex structure of nerves. 

It also includes your brain and spine. 

Moreover, it intersects with other body systems. 

For example, your muscular and skeletal systems and nervous systems work together. 

A healthy musculoskeletal system and nervous system allow you to make movements. For example, you get to dance and sing.

Additionally, your nervous system also coordinates with your endocrine system. Your endocrine system is responsible for the creation of hormones in your body. It includes the different glands producing varying hormones. 

Hormones are also chemical messengers of your body. 

It works alongside your nervous system in maintaining different body functions. 

Pain is a sensation. Your brain processes and receives information on sensations and responses. Additionally, your brain is part of your nervous system. It is the reason the expert to see for pain relief is an expert in the nervous system

Myths About Pain

There is much information available on the internet. Here are some myths about the pain you need to know:

  1. You can only get it From an Injury

You can indeed feel pain after an injury. However, injury is not the only possible reason for it. 

Alternatively, those burning or aching sensations may come from a compressed sciatic nerve. 

Sciatica is the pain you feel caused by a pressured sciatic nerve. Sciatica includes pain from your buttocks to your feet. 

Do not self-diagnose and treat. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic. Dr. Fardad Mobin can help you get relief from sciatica and other forms of pain.

  1. It Goes Away Soon

Some illnesses cause pain. However, an injury also causes it. 

The complex thing about pain is its difficulty in identifying its cause. 

There will be some pain that disappears over time. However, some resurface again. 

This statement is a myth because this does not apply to all types of pain. You might need a medical expert for pain relief. 

A neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic, such as Mobin Neurosurgery, can help with pain treatment.

  1. OTC Pain Medicine Cures the Pain

 OTC medicine as a cure to pain is a myth. Many OTC pain medicines also provide temporary pain relief. 

The best solution to pain is to see an expert. The expert to look for is a spine surgery Los Angeles doctor. Dr. Mobin is a well-experienced neurosurgeon LA medical practitioner. 

The Expert to See for Pain Relief Near Me

The expert to see for pain relief is a neurosurgeon

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic. However, it also focuses on treatment for different neurological conditions. 

Mobin Neurosurgery also focuses on spine health aside from being a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic. 

Additionally, this expert spinesurgeon LA clinic offers relief for different types of pain. For example, Mobin Neurosurgery helps with pinched nerves, back pain, and neck aches. 

Moreover, Mobin Neurosurgery devises a treatment plan to target the cause of your pain. 

For example, sciatica pain may also result from other medical conditions. The possible causes of sciatica pain are herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, tumor, bone spur, or spinal stenosis. 

Mobin Neurosurgery prioritizes targeting the cause of the pain for long-term relief. 

Additionally, the treatment plans prioritize minimally invasive procedures. Surgical procedures are the last resort for treatment. 

Dr. Mobin first employs less invasive treatments before resorting to surgery. These minimally invasive procedures by the neurosurgeon LA clinic include medication and physical therapy. He may also prescribe physical therapy to patients. 

Many patients expressed their gratitude for the results of their treatment from this competent neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic. 

There is still hope for you to get back your life. Do not let sciatica or other forms of pain take over your life. 

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The power of communication allows for better medical treatment goal achievement. 

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