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Your spine supports your neck, head, and shoulders. Also, your spinal cord is the protective structure that supports many nerves connecting to your brain. If your backbone has a problem, then you might be experiencing some discomfort. Some conditions can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Spine problems can be a result of different medical conditions. 

Some spine medical issues include slipped disks, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. It can also affect the body aesthetics of a person.

When a medical condition affects the body aesthetics of a person, it has both physical and mental impacts on the individual. Some people would complain for years about back and neck pain that only goes away after taking pain medication. However, the pain haunts again after the medicine wears off. Also, some medical conditions like scoliosis can result in aesthetic issues that can impact one's self-esteem.

To get proper treatment for scoliosis, you need to consult with a neurosurgeon. That way, you will know whether you need treatment or spine surgery.

Choosing A Neurosurgeon For A Spine Surgery In Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles, you need to find a reliable neurosurgeon with years of experience to look at your back, neck, or spinal discomfort. Also, look for a board-certified neurosurgeon. That way, you get to receive treatment from a licensed and skillful medical practitioner.

In looking for a medical practitioner to provide you with Spine Surgery Los Angeles, look for a neurosurgeon who has done it countless times. Neurosurgeons have the expertise and skill at treating many ailments relating to your backbone, the nerves in your spinal cord, and your spinal cord.

Also, do not just rely on the recommendations of your friends on where to get the best Spine Surgery Los Angeles. Look for a neurosurgeon who can offer you less invasive spine surgery options. Get a neurosurgeon that employs modern technology and innovations to make spine surgical procedures safer for patients.

What Is Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery helps treat various medical conditions that affect the structure of your backbone. It means spine surgery can help with your spinal cord and the nerves within the spine.

It can treat various spinal medical conditions. Primarily, it can help get rid of many discomforts and body aesthetic issues. For example, it can help relieve slipped disks, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and scoliosis.

When we age, the disks that separate each part of your backbone slowly reduce in volume. It serves as a support to the many bones that make up your spine. When you do intensive activities that strain your backbone, there is a chance to break your disk. It results in a slipped disk. Pain medications or surgery can resolve this pain and discomfort. 

Additionally, the cartilage that keeps your backbone from scratching each other due to friction can deteriorate over time. When too much of it occurs, you get to experience osteoarthritis. Women usually suffer from this condition. However, men can also get this spine problem. Some of the ways to relieve this condition are through pain killers and physical therapy.

Moreover, spinal stenosis occurs when the spaces for nerves in the spinal column shrinks. When bones and nerves rub on each other, it produces a tingling or painful sensation. This condition can be a result of osteoarthritis. Spine surgery can help relieve the nerves in the spinal cord by allowing more room for them.

Additionally, scoliosis is a condition that presents an unnatural curve of the spine. This spine condition results in uneven shoulders and waist. Scoliosis can affect the self-esteem of both children and adults. Some teenagers with this condition experience bullying.  

Scoliosis sometimes does not get discovered in its early stages. However, some spinal conditions can be detected and treated through early diagnosis and effective treatment. The cause of this illness is unknown. Consult with a doctor to learn how to prevent this illness from getting worse.  

Some Signs and Symptoms That Indicates You Need To See A Neurosurgeon

There is some back and neck pain that goes away through painkillers. However, some pain you feel may come back when the pain medicine wears off. When pain killers do not work, you need to consult with a doctor.

Neurosurgeons specialize in treating various illnesses that involve the brain, nerves, including your spinal cord. They also have the expertise in treating muscle conditions.

There are some signs that you need to know. These signs can mean that your body is telling you to see a neurosurgeon now.

For example, an uncontrolled headache can be a symptom of many neurological conditions. When taking over-the-counter medicine to relieve headaches does not work, you may need to consult a neurosurgeon.

Additionally, the body receives signals of pain through the nerves. When pain does not go away after taking pain killers, it may point out a potential problem with your nerves. Consulting a neurosurgeon can help you find the cause of your chronic pain.

Moreover, numbness or tingling can be a result of many possible medical conditions. There is a possibility that a stroke can occur when you feel the tingling sensation on one side of your body. When you encounter this, immediately seek a medical professional.

Furthermore, you may experience a tingling or numbing sensation at your back. This symptom can be an indication of a spinal health problem.

Early diagnosis and treatment for many medical conditions is the key to effectively recovering from it. If you encounter any unexplained sensations or pain that over-the-counter medicines cannot resolve, you need to see a doctor. If what you are feeling is related to your nerves, brain, or spinal cord, a neurosurgeon has the expertise to resolve your medical concern.

Benefits From Undergoing A Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is one of the resolutions to spine conditions that medication and therapy cannot treat. Neurosurgeons can design a spine surgery differently from one patient to another. Spine surgery by a skillful neurosurgeon can treat different medical conditions of patients. It includes the most complicated ones. Highly-experienced neurosurgeons design surgical treatments that individually suit a patient considering their unique medical backgrounds and medical conditions.  

Back, neck, spinal cord, and nerve issues can affect your physical capabilities. It can affect how you do your work. When you want to maximize your bodily movements, you can consult with a neurosurgeon about your back, neck, spinal cord, or nerve problems. That way, you receive proper diagnosis and treatment. You may not know it now. Maybe a pill or a medical treatment can resolve your years of discomfort.

Moreover, spine surgery can be your option when braces, therapy, and other non-surgical means are ineffective. Treatment for many spinal conditions does not only promote physical comfort. 

Problems with self-esteem can affect the quality of life of individuals. For example, if you have scoliosis, you may be burdened by the appearance of your uneven hips and shoulders. With confidence issues, it is challenging to accomplish your daily tasks at home or work.  

Additionally, spine surgery can help change your life. When you get your back and neck pain treated by a medical expert, you get to give your all at work. That way, you get to allocate your entire energy to reaching milestones in your career.

Furthermore, people who have suffered for years from neurological problems such as spinal issues, nerve conditions, and back pain have resolved their discomfort and chronic pain after consulting with a neurosurgeon.

A neurosurgeon can change your life. They have the expertise to rid you of many illnesses you do not know are treatable with less invasive methods.

With the current medical breakthroughs, minimally invasive surgical methods are now available for you. Through modern tools and technology, you get to resolve your spinal issues. 

Look for a neurosurgeon that trusts the power of modern breakthroughs. That way, you get to find someone that offers safe and technologically-inclined medical treatments to patients.

Opt For A Second Opinion If You Can

After getting a diagnosis from a doctor, you can opt to ask the opinion of a different medical practitioner. By looking for a neurosurgeon for a second opinion, you learn more about the effective treatment for your spinal condition.

The work of a doctor does not end after the medical procedure. Look for a neurosurgeon that can offer you dedicated patient care. You can ensure safe and effective spine surgery from one of the best neuro surgeons Los Angeles. Mobin Neurosurgery offers spine surgery Los Angeles servicing countless people in California for years.

Furthermore, Mobin Neurosurgery boasts its modern methods and tools for spine surgery. Another reason why patients recommend it to their family and friends is its exemplary patient care. They sincerely support all their patient until recovery.

Modern Spine Surgery Methods And Tools From Mobin Neurosurgery

Mobin Neurosurgery employs modern tools and methods from receiving patients up until their discharge. The leader of Mobin Neurosurgery, Dr. Fardad Mobin, believes in the power of modern technology.

Dr. Mobin supports the idea that updated medical technology and methods can help provide minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Additionally, complicated surgical procedures such as decompression and deformity treatments are now made less complex for neurosurgeons through the help of modern tech. Also, the less invasive method of penetrating through the spinal cord offers few damages to bystander tissues during spinal surgeries. Small incisions for this surgical procedure allow for fast patient recovery.

Also, the modern equipment used by Mobin Neurosurgery for spine imaging leads to a more accurate diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis allows for a better treatment plan for every patient. That way, patients get to receive the best treatment they can get from a modern neurosurgeon.

Moreover, Mobin Neurosurgery employs a pain-reduction analgesic that lets the patient experience less pain from the procedure. It is one of the reasons why many patients are happy with their treatment from Mobin Neurosurgery. They get the care and treatment they deserve.

Benefits From Employing Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery 

There are many benefits for the use of modern ways of doing spine surgery through less invasive methods.

For example, many patients are less exposed to complications after a smaller-sized incision for surgical procedures.

Also, the miniaturized version of an invasive spine surgical procedure allows for minimal tissue damage. It helps with faster healing for patients.

A Los Angeles Neurosurgeon That Offers Sincere And Effective Patient Care and Treatment

Early diagnosis gives you a higher chance of fast recovery from any illness. When you feel something different in your body, seek medical help. You can consult with a neurosurgeon if it is related to your nerves, spinal cord, or muscles.  

In looking for a neurosurgeon Los Angeles, Dr. Mobin is the one you should ask. With 2000 spinal surgical experience, expect precise and effective results.  

Mobin Neurosurgery opens its doors to patients who want to improve their quality of life. They aim to solve problems with nerves, the spine, and muscles.

If you want to get spine Surgery Los Angeles, you first need to consult with Mobin Neurosurgery. Alternatively, do not get a spine surgery without asking for a second opinion from Mobin Neurosurgery.

There is a slight chance that spine surgery cannot fully resolve a medical condition. To maximize your chances of fixing your spine problem, get a neurosurgeon who has been doing it for years. Also, a board-certified medical practitioner who is open to using the latest medical breakthroughs can effectively treat your spine issue. That way, you get a safe, effective, and less-invasive spine surgery.

Choose Mobin Neurosurgery if you are looking for a medical practitioner who can offer you a modern alternative that allows you to recover faster through minimally invasive spine surgery. Also, select the medical services of Mobin neurosurgery if you want to experience exemplary patient care and guidance. You can witness this from the point you enter the premises until you recover from your spine surgery.  

Additionally, Mobin Neurosurgery can help you with other neurological and everyday medical problems. They offer services such as back surgery, pinched nerve medical treatment, and Sciatica treatment. To learn more about the other medical services of Mobin Neurosurgery, you can check their website

Moreover, they do not only employ the latest technologies for their medical procedures. They also use modern digital tech to reach clients like you. The team believes that there is a growing online community that searches for their services. That is why Mobin Neurosurgeon partnered with Really Good Content to effectively communicate with patients like you.


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