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Pain can be disabling. Pain is not only a feeling of discomfort. It can also affect your quality of life.

For example, you are delivery personnel. Pain can affect your quality of work. Imagine times when you have to lift multiple boxes to deliver to houses. Chronic pain can influence how you enjoy your work. Lifting heavy boxes for home deliveries may be too painful during pain attacks. If you are the sole provider of your family, skipping work for a day is not an option. Pain can be disabling because it affects how you enjoy your life. Chronic pain attacks may prevent you from enjoying your work.

Chronic pain can also influence your quality of life and productivity if you are an office worker. Office workers spend a lot of time in front of a computer and encoding reports or research market information. Digital marketing experts like the specialists of Really Good Content spend hours in front of their computers. They create valuable content and craft engaging website designs to increase conversion for their clients. One thing that limits the productivity of office workers is chronic pain. It can be a migraine attack or sciatic pain. Pinched nerves can also affect the quality of work of office workers.

Due to pain, workers like office employees cannot give their all in their work. For pinched nerve conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, typing reports before due dates may be challenging. Too much pressure on your nerves results in pain that may include feelings of numbness and tingling sensations. You may even feel burning sensations in the affected area. This can affect your work speed and overall productivity. It is difficult to get things done when pain is very dominant.

What is Pain?

There are many ways to describe the pain. It can be a throbbing or steady sensation of burning or pinching feelings. Also, it can be aching or stabbing sensations.

Additionally, you can feel pain anywhere in your body. You can feel it from your head to your toes. Pain can be a migraine attack. Also, it can be backaches, neck pain, and sciatica pain. Chronic pain is not the only feeling or sensation you experience when it attacks. For example, nausea and weakness can accompany chronic pain. Moreover, it can result in emotional impacts like irritability and anger.

Aside from affecting your productivity at work, it can also influence your relationship with your family and friends. For example, you may skip significant family get-togethers due to chronic migraine attacks. You may skip parties with your friends due to pain attacks.

Different Kinds of Pain

Pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain comes once. Also, it does not last long. Usually, acute pain is a sign that you have an injury.  

On the other hand, chronic pain can be more painful than acute pain. It can last for extended periods. Usually, chronic pain is a symptom of an illness. To resolve chronic pain, you need to see an expert to help solve the medical condition associated.

Here are other forms of pain that you may be encountering:  

Lower Back Pain

According to a source, low back pain is one of the frequent causes of work-related disability. It can result from an injury. For example, lifting heavy weights or muscle sprains can cause lower backaches.

Alternatively, lower back pains can be a symptom of an illness. Chronic lower back pain may be a symptom of a medical condition. For example, your lower back aches may be a symptom of cancer, arthritis, or kidney infection. Alternatively, a herniated disc or sciatica may be the reason for your lower backache attacks.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis comes from pressured nerves. 

It results from the narrowing of the spaces between the individual spinal bones. These bones compose your spine. People experience this condition on the neck. Also, they feel it on their lower back, says a source. It may include tingling and numbness in the affected area.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain can be throbbing, burning, or stabbing sensations on any part of your body. It can be intense. But, it can also be mild.

Neuropathic pain may come from a medical condition. For example, you may experience neuropathic pain when you have nerve damage, diabetes, or HIV. 

Alternatively, this type of pain can also result from alcoholism, chemotherapy, or multiple sclerosis.

Hip Pain

Hip pain may result from problems with your hip joints. Hip pain may include discomfort in your thighs, buttocks, and hip joints.

Hip pain may be a symptom of various medical conditions. For example, arthritis or fractures on the hip can result in hip pain. 

Muscle strains or tendonitis may also cause uncomfortable hip pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy includes burning and stabbing sensations on your peripheral nervous system. It is the kind of pain you feel in your peripheral nervous system. It can also affect blood circulation and urination. Moreover, it can affect your digestion.

Your nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The brain and spinal cord form your central nervous system. On the other hand, the nerves that scatter throughout your body are part of your peripheral nervous system.

Peripheral neuropathy may come from an injury or medical condition. Persons with diabetes may experience this as well. Also, peripheral neuropathy can result from injuries or infections. 

Additionally, metabolic issues may result in this type of pain.

Neck Pain

The structure of your neck includes your upper vertebrae that connect to the base of your skull. Other parts of your neck include muscles and ligaments. Any issues with these parts of your neck can result in neck pain.

Your neck pain may result from various reasons. For example, it can result from bad posture. Also, it can result from a bad sleeping position. 

Muscle or ligament inflammation can result in this type of pain. Alternatively, you may feel neck discomforts due to a bad fall or any type of injury impacting your neck.


Migraine is another type of pain. It can influence your quality of life. Also, it is a type of headache that may occur on any part of your head. 

It includes pulsating and throbbing sensations on the affected area. Other symptoms that come with migraine attacks include nausea and vomiting. People who get migraine attacks may also experience high sensitivity to sounds and lights.

Additionally, migraine can last for a few minutes for some people. On the other hand, your migraine attack may last for a few hours.

Spinal Cord Injury

Pain can come from a spinal cord injury. This pain results from damaged nerves that connect to your spinal cord. Other symptoms of a spinal cord injury include altered sensations, urinary incontinence, and inability to move. Also, a spinal cord injury can influence your breathing.

In extreme cases, people with spinal cord injury experience intense backaches and difficulty breathing. In these cases, seek immediate medical assistance from a doctor.  


Sacroiliitis results from inflamed sacroiliac joints. Your sacroiliac joints are the area where your pelvic bone and lower spine connect.

Sacroiliitis can result in pain in your buttocks, lower back, and legs.

Climbing stairs and running may intensify the pain from this illness. Standing for extended periods may increase it also. 

Some of the causes of Sacroiliitis include arthritis, pregnancy, and injury.

Herniated Disk

A herniated disc may result from wear and tear. It is a condition where your spinal discs lose flexibility. Also, it is a condition where your spinal discs have a high risk for breakage.

Between your backbones are spinal discs. These discs serve as a cushion to your stacked vertebrae.

These spinal discs have a jelly-like texture and are similar to rubber. When this jelly-like structure ruptures, it results in pain and discomfort.  

Some of the symptoms of herniated discs include weakness and tingling sensations. Another sign of herniated discs is arm and leg pain. However, not all people with herniated discs present symptoms. It means you do not experience these symptoms but there is a possibility that you have this illness.

The best way to resolve a medical issue is early detection. With an early-stage diagnosis, you increase your survival from an illness. For a consultation, book an appointment with a doctor now!


Sciatica pain can result from a compressed sciatic nerve. Sciatica pain may radiate from your buttocks to your leg. Some sciatica pain is mild. On the other hand, others experience intense sensations.

Everything about Sciatica Pain You Need to Know

Sciatica is a pain that results from a neurological condition affecting your sciatic nerve.

What is the Sciatic Nerve?

Your sciatic nerve is the largest in your body. 

Five nerve roots combine to form the sciatic nerve. It connects to your spinal cord.

It extends from your buttocks to your legs. It also extends to your back thighs and connects to the soles of your feet.

Pain along those paths can mean an issue with your sciatic nerve.


Sciatica may come from a herniated disc. Nerves get pressed between your backbones when your spinal disc reduces in volume due to a herniated disc. When this occurs, inflammation may occur. It can result in pain and numbness to any part that the sciatic nerve passes.

Treatment for Sciatica and Other Neurological Conditions

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Alternatively, there is an expert you can visit for sciatica pain relief or other forms of pain relief.  

When there is pain, you should also get your neurological health checked. Your nervous system is responsible for processing and sending chemical messages throughout the body. One of the alarms that your nervous system uses is pain. It can mean that there is something wrong with your health. With that, you can consider visiting an expert in neurological health.

A spine surgery Los Angeles clinic can help you with sciatica pain relief.

Moreover, a neurosurgeon LA clinic offers treatments for resolving other neurological conditions such as migraine, backache, herniated discs, and neck pain.

Furthermore, a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic can help you get an appropriate diagnosis for your medical condition.

Also, a spinesurgeon LA clinic relieves your pain and helps you get a better quality of life. They do this by ending your pain and suffering.

Treatments vary from one medical condition to another. It means a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic may offer different types of treatments for your neurological condition.

The Treatment You Get at Mobin Neurosurgery

Mobin Neurosurgery prioritizes minimally invasive procedures. If surgery is not necessary, they will not offer it. Despite their specialization in the brain and spinal cord surgery, they are also experts in less invasive medical treatments.

Mobin neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic that resolves many types of pain. They do this by providing treatments to the root cause of the pain.

If compressed sciatic nerves are the source, this sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic targets it.

The Mobin neurosurgery team offers a variety of treatments for sciatica pain relief Los Angeles concerns. They can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. Also, Dr. Fardad Mobin may offer postural training and steroid injections for your sciatica discomforts. The least invasive treatment that Mobin Neurosurgery offers for sciatica is rest.

There are times when minimally invasive treatments for your sciatica issues do not resolve them. There is still a way to end your suffering from sciatica, Dr. Mobin will target the root of the pain through surgical procedures. If sciatica pain is from a herniated disc, he will employ a surgical procedure that resolves it.

Mobin Neurosurgery applies the same process of treatment for other neurological conditions. Dr. Mobin prioritizes minimally invasive medical procedures. 

Also, his treatment plans aim for long-term results. That way, you get to enjoy life minus the disabling chronic pain attacks.

Let Mobin Neurosurgery help resolve your pinched nerves, herniated discs, neck pain, radiculopathy, and back pain

Get long-term to permanent solutions to various types of pain. 

Get help from the right medical professional. Book an appointment with Mobin Neurosurgery now!







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