Mobin Neurosurgery: A Neurosurgery Clinic to Get Your Lumbar Disc Surgery in November 2022

You cannot be productive if you suffer from pain and other symptoms of an illness. 

It is challenging to be productive if you get chronic back pain.

Pain is a symptom of many possible illnesses. 

It can be mild. Others experience it as moderate. 

Alternatively, some people experience severe pain.

Your spine health is a vital part of your quality of life. It has multiple components.

One of the vital parts of your spine is the intervertebral disc. It rests between the tiny bones that make up your spine. Also, it serves as the cushions of those tiny bones. Moreover, it helps you make movements easily.

Your spine entails multiple interconnected tissues. Each part has a crucial role. However, each part of the spine is susceptible to diseases or injury. One of those risks is a herniated disc.

Every section of the spine has a risk for a herniated disc.

A herniated disc occurs when one of the intervertebral discs in your spine leaks or tear. Its symptoms vary from one person to another.

One of its known symptoms is pain. People with a herniated disc experience muscle weakness, numbing, and tingling sensations in the extremities.

In some herniated discs cases heal without medical treatment. Others recover through rest. Alternatively, some people recover from a herniated disc through medical treatment by a doctor.

A herniated disc can occur anywhere on the spine. Many complain about pain and discomfort from a herniated disc on the lumbar spine.

A neurosurgeon does not suggest lumbar disc surgery unless it is the only resort.

Dr. Fardad Mobin, a neurosurgeon Los Angeles doctor, prioritizes minimally invasive treatments before suggesting surgery.

Lumbar Disc Surgery

Before your doctor prescribes you any treatment, you need a diagnosis for your medical condition.

Do not self-diagnose and medicate. It is dangerous.

Some patients make self-diagnosis by searching their symptoms on a search engine. There is a high risk of misinformation if you do not know the right place to look.

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The best place to get a diagnosis is from Mobin Neurosurgery. It is a spine surgeon LA clinic led by Dr. Mobin.

Getting Proper Diagnosis

A spine surgery Los Angeles clinic might ask you to take some medical tests for your diagnosis. These tests include MRI, X-ray, computed topography, and electromyography or nerve conduction studies.

The MRI helps the neuro surgeon Los Angeles doctor have a 3D perception of your spinal cord. Moreover, this test also allows your doctor to have a clearer vision of your nerve roots.

Nerve roots are the part of the nerve that connects the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system. Your spinal cord is part of the central nervous system.

Additionally, your neurosurgeon might also ask you to take an X-ray. This test helps your doctor see the condition of your vertebrae. Moreover, it helps your doctor see the joints in your spine.

Your doctor might ask you to take a computed topography. This is a vital medical test to let your neurosurgeon have a clearer perception of your spinal canal. Moreover, it lets your doctor see other parts surrounding this space.

Furthermore, your doctor might ask you to take an electromyography or nerve conduction study. It helps your doctor have an insight into the electrical impulses of your nerves.

Through these tests, your doctor creates a diagnosis. They do not search your illness from a search engine. Neither should you.

Dr. Mobin has years of experience as a neurosurgeon LA doctor. Also, his education and work experience allow him to apply minimally invasive procedures for his treatments. He does not suggest surgery unless he believes you need it.

The Treatment Options

A doctor does not prioritize surgery unless it is the only solution to your lumbar disc issues.

Some of the non-surgical treatments offered for patients with lumbar disc issues are pain and anti-inflammatory medicines. Moreover, it includes steroid injections, physical therapy, and rest.

The doctor may suggest surgery if your medical condition does not improve from non-invasive treatment.

The Different Types of Surgery for a Herniated Disc

There will be patients whose conditions do not improve from non-invasive treatments. 

Their doctor might suggest surgery as another option.

Some surgery for herniated disc cases include spinal fusion, artificial disc surgery, discectomy, and laminotomy.

Ensure you ask as many questions as you can.

Consider asking the doctor terminologies you do not understand.

It helps you and your doctor if you do not have communication gaps.

Dr. Mobin does not start his procedure until you have understood your medical treatment.

A Clinic to Get Your Lumbar Disc Surgery

Mobin Neurosurgery is a Los Angeles spine surgery clinic you can visit for your back surgery.

Dr. Mobin prioritizes non-invasive treatments before suggesting surgery.

Additionally, Dr. Mobin uses state-of-the-art technology to make your lumbar fusion surgery safe.

Additionally, Mobin Neurosurgery also helps patients with other neurological conditions.

For example, you can get treatment for spinal stenosis, sciatica, pinched nerves, and radiculopathy.

Additionally, Dr. Mobin is skillful with neck and disc replacement surgery.

Also, Dr. Mobin can help you get long-term pain relief.

Many patients of Mobin Neurosurgery express their happiness in getting long-lasting pain relief.

Many patients suffer from chronic pain.

As mentioned, pain is a symptom of many medical conditions. Dr. Mobin designs your medical treatment to target the cause of your pain attacks.

Pain as a Disabling Symptom to Many Illnesses

A herniated disc anywhere on your spine can result in unbearable pain for some patients. Pain is one of the symptoms of this spine condition.

You feel pain through signals sent by your brain. A neurosurgeon is a specialist to see for pain relief. Pain is associated with your nervous system.

Different Classifications of Pain

Pain presents differently for people. Moreover, people experience the same pain level differently.

For example, a person might describe his pain attacks as moderate.

On the other hand, another individual experiencing the same pain level might describe it as severe.

There are different ways to classify pain.

One of the well-known ways to classify it is by duration. It entails acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain is shorter than chronic pain.

The usual causes of acute pain are injuries and medical illnesses. It can last for days to months. 

Also, it disappears after you recover from the injury or illness.

There are instances when the pain still exists after recovering from the illness or injury. In this instance, your acute pain turned into chronic pain. However, this is not the only characteristic of chronic pain.

Another characteristic of chronic pain entails unpredictable intermittent pain attacks. Moreover, the pain intensity of each episode may vary. This characteristic of chronic pain makes it disabling for many patients.

Many people get low quality of life from their chronic pain attacks. Imagine being the cause of losing an investor due to your pain attacks. 

Severe pain episodes can limit your productivity.

Do you know that chronic back pain has the power to ruin relationships?

Imagine losing precious time with family due to unpredictable pain attacks in your back. 

Your children might feel distant from you because you cannot carry them.

Another way to classify pain is from the source.

Some pain may come from tissue damage. Alternatively, it can result from nerve damage.

Your Neurological Health

Your nervous system has a crucial role in many body functions. Every section of the nervous system has responsibilities that help keep you healthy.

The Different Sections of Your Nervous System

Your nervous system has two sections. It includes your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

The components of your central nervous system are your brain and the spinal cord. It receives chemical messages transmitted by the nerves. Moreover, it processes this information. 

Also, it sends out responses and messages to the concerned body part.

Your peripheral nervous system entails the nerves that scatter throughout your body. It connects to the brain through the spinal cord. 

Nerve roots attach to the spinal cord. It branches out to different body parts.

Spine health issues result in pain due to some nerve problems. 

Sometimes, it gets damaged by spine injuries or other spinal conditions.  

Your nerves scatter to different organs. This scope allows your nervous system to coordinate with other body parts.

The Coordinative Role of The Nervous System

Your neurological health coordinates with various organs to support body functions.

For example, your nervous system coordinates with your cardiovascular system. One of the roles of your nervous system is to keep your heart pumping even while you sleep. In return, your cardiovascular system allows blood to reach your brain.

Also, your nervous system coordinates with your respiratory system. Your brain controls your breathing. On the other hand, your lungs provide your brain with oxygen.

Moreover, your nervous system coordinates with your endocrine system to produce other chemical messengers that support various body functions.

All about Health

Your health has a crucial role in pain relief and treatment.

Pain is a sign that something is wrong with your body. There is a chance that you have some health issues.

You cannot function properly without being in ideal shape.

A healthy lifestyle ensures you reduce your risk for many medical conditions.

Here are some health tips you need to know:

Skip Added Sugars

Fruits and other foods have natural sugars. Food becomes unhealthy when you add sugar to these products.

Choose Less Processed Foods

Food processing can be through mechanical or chemical means.

Mechanical food processing entails cutting, grinding, or slicing the meat.

On the other hand, chemically processed foods entail the addition of preservatives and other unnatural substances.

Mechanically processed foods are healthier than chemically processed ones.

Do Not Exclude Exercise in Your Routine

A healthy lifestyle is incomplete without exercise.

There are multiple health benefits from exercise. It helps your brain become more alert.

Furthermore, it helps you get in a better mood.

Moreover, it helps with weight management. Obesity increases your risk of many medical conditions. It includes hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Additionally, exercise can help with skin dryness. Sweat offers temporary skin moisture.

Get Enough Sleep Everyday

Some people would take extra shifts to earn more. In return, they get less time for rest and sleep. 

Do this once. It might not significantly influence your health.

However, regular lack of sleep quality may adversely impact your overall health.

Sleep helps recharge your body. It includes your brain.

Consider Taking Supplements

Some people cannot take the necessary nutrition for a healthy body. Others would resort to supplements to support their nutrition gaps.

Do you know which ones to take?

Medical advice from a doctor is helpful even if supplements are available over the counter.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Consider having annual medical checkups. 

You can ask the doctor for nutrition and exercise advice during these appointments.

Additionally, you can ask them for specialists who can help you or your friend with chronic back pain.

Attain Optimal Health This November 2022 with the Help of Mobin Neurosurgery

One of the best choices today is to schedule a consultation with a doctor. 

A doctor studies, works, and masters their specialization for years.

Pain is a symptom of many possible illnesses. Some of its causes can be lethal or non-deadly.

You add more danger to your health if you do self-diagnosis and treatment through online searching.

Do not fall victim to misinformation. Some information sources may have unreliable claims and data.

The best treatment for your pain will come from a doctor.

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery can help you attain long-term pain relief with his expertise.

Dr. Mobin is a licensed neurosurgeon with thousands of spine surgery experience. He can help you find relief from your back pain.

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