Dr. Fardad Mobin: A Neurosurgeon for Sciatica and Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

Health is a vital factor in life. 

It has the power to limit your enjoyment in life. However, it can make you enjoy it to the fullest. 

Health is a significant factor in productivity. Many professions will not be at their 100% function if their practitioners are unhealthy.

Your physiological, mental, and emotional well-being impacts your productivity and relationships. 

For example, practitioners offering medical aesthetic treatments may struggle with their work due to chronic pain. 

Medical aesthetic clinics offer beauty enhancement services to patients. Also, it offers a relaxing environment to its clients. Imagine getting your beauty enhancement services from an agitated medical aesthetic professional. You might have trouble trusting that person for another beauty enhancement session. 

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Additionally, creative jobs may be challenging for practitioners who suffer from severe chronic pain. For example, a website designer or writer may spend less time at work due to unbearable pain episodes. 

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Moreover, teachers may have difficulties facilitating an ideal learning environment when they cannot give their 100% at work. Imagine the emotional and physiological impact of unpredictable pain attacks. A teacher may struggle to prepare for future classes. 

Pain is among the many symptoms of health conditions. It is one of the symptoms that causes discomfort. Moreover, it impacts the quality of life of a person. 

Health is a vital and complex concept. Its understanding helps you reap its benefits. 

The Concept of Health 

There are many factors relating to health. 

Health pertains to total mental, social, and physiological well-being, according to the World Health Organization. 

Others would link emotional, spiritual, and financial aspects to health. These aspects support the physiological and mental side of health. 

Emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness results in better stress management. 

Moreover, financial wellness supports proper nutrition. It allows sufficient nutrition as it enables you a balanced diet. 

Also, it supports a healthy lifestyle. For example, you need money for your gym membership or home gym equipment. 

However, there are less costly ways to live an active lifestyle. For example, consider walking instead of riding a car. 

Moreover, the World Health Organization stresses that health does not correlate with the absence of an illness. You can be healthy even if you have a medical condition. 

For example, a person with an incurable illness can be healthy. 

People with diabetes can still be healthy as long as they attain mental, social, and physiological wellness. 

The Most Usual Topics Related to Health

Health is not only about physical well-being. It also encompasses mental wellness. 

Your mental health has a vital role in your wellness. 

Mental health encompasses your emotional, psychological, and social wellness. 

Some factors impact your mental health. It encompasses your coping abilities towards challenges in life. 

Moreover, it includes an outlook that helps unleash your full potential. 

Also, it entails feelings of security and belongingness. 

One of the vital factors in mental health is perception. People with the same circumstances may have variations in their perception of life. 

For example, someone who loves their job may describe a happy one. 

On the other hand, someone in the same position may describe otherwise.

Additionally, physical health relates to the well-being of your bodily functions. 

As mentioned earlier, a person can still be healthy despite having an incurable medical condition. 

A healthy lifestyle helps. 

However, there are times when even a person with a healthy lifestyle gets sick. Others would even get an incurable illness. 

Additionally, others would be too busy to notice mild back pain and chronic pain. 

Others endure pain to survive the day. However, the pain has varying impacts on the quality of life. Some people would even claim their chronic pain is disabling. 

The Concept of Disability in Connection to Pain

A medical condition that adversely impacts at least one of their vital daily activities may apply as a disability. 

Also, the medical condition should significantly influence lifestyles and prevent a person from doing daily tasks. 

Proof of the severity of the medical condition lies on the shoulders of the person suffering from the illness. 

 There is pain that results from curable illnesses. 

What happens now if your chronic pain results from an incurable medical condition?

A healthy life is still attainable for people with incurable illnesses. Control of its symptoms helps people with incurable medical conditions attain well-being. Lifestyle changes and medical assistance helps with the treatment of its symptoms. 

For example, diabetes links with neuropathy. Diabetes is an incurable medical condition. One of the impacts of this medical condition is diabetic neuropathy. 

Diabetic neuropathy has different classifications. For example, mononeuropathy encompasses tingling sensations on the fingers. Moreover, it may entail pain sensations on your foot. Furthermore, it may result in paralysis on the half-part of your face. 

Additionally, diabetic neuropathy may cause a person to faint.

It is a medical condition resulting in pain that influences the quality of life of a person. 

Your Neurological Health and Pain

As mentioned, pain can originate from a medical condition. Different medical conditions cause disabilities. 

Spine health-related medical conditions are causing disability. It includes spina bifida and spinal cord injury. 

Pain connects to your nervous system as it entails the transmission of pain signals across your body. 

Pain is a complex topic. It entails multiple classifications and possible causes. 

The possible cause of pain is lengthy as it is a symptom of many medical conditions. 

The Different Classifications of Pain

Chronic pain is not the only classification of pain. 

Pain can be acute or chronic when classified according to its duration. 

The usual cause of acute pain is an injury or temporary medical condition. It is a short-lived pain that disappears after your recovery from an injury. Additionally, it also disappears after you recover from a curable illness. 

However, there are instances when the pain persists after your injury or illness recovery. 

Acute pain lasts shorter than acute pain. 

Pain that exists after recovery from your illness may turn into chronic pain. 

Chronic pain is not only about an extension of acute pain. 

Some medical conditions may result in chronic pain. 

Chronic pain can be disabling for some patients. Pain presents differently. 

Another characteristic of chronic pain is its unexpected reoccurrence. The unpredictable intermittent pain attacks of this type of pain make it disabling for many patients. 

Imagine having a presentation at work the following morning. A chronic pain attack may be the reason you canceled your plan for an overnight review of your presentation. Alternatively, imagine experiencing unbearable pain during your presentation. 

As mentioned earlier, pain that significantly limits you from doing your daily activities can be a disability. 

Aside from its impact on productivity, it can also have adverse effects on your relationships. 

For example, chronic back pain may limit your bonding opportunities with your children. They might feel distant from you in the future. 

Additionally, chronic pain attacks may prevent your attendance at social events at work. \

Others would use it for network building for their career. On the other hand, others would use it for bonding with co-workers. 

People who get severe chronic pain may find life enjoyment challenging. 

Some people who seek chronic pain relief ask specialists for treatment for its root cause. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery helps patients recover from chronic pain through treatment of its cause. Many patients attained long-term pain relief with the help of Dr. Mobin. 

Mentioned earlier is another classification of pain. 

Neuropathic pain comes from nerve damage. Other people are also susceptible to this pain classification even if they do not have diabetes. 

People who experience neuropathic pain experience burning, tingling, and stabbing sensations on the affected body part. Other features of this pain classification entail abnormal sensitivity to the sense of touch.

Your nerves are a part of a complex system in your body that coordinates with different organs. 

The Link of Pain with Neurological Health 

Neurological health encompasses the condition of the parts of your nervous system. 

Your nervous system entails your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. 

Your brain processes and sends information. 

On the other hand, your nerves are the passageway of information to and from the brain. 

Additionally, your spine has a vital role in your nervous system. For example, it links your nerves and brain. 

The Vital Role of Your Spine

Your spinal cord is a vital part of your nervous system. 

Your spine encomapsses your bones, muscles, joints, and discs. Between the stacked bones is your spinal cord. 

There are 33 tiny bones stacked on top of each other. 

Additionally, your spine entails various sections. Each division has specific functions and shapes.

The top layer of your backbone is the cervical spine. It is the spinal section that supports your head. A healthy cervical spine allows swift movements on your head. It entails tilting and turning your head. 

Below your cervical spine is your thoracic spine. It is the section of your spine where your ribs connect. Your ribs protect some of the vital organs in your body. For example, it houses the heart and lungs. 

Below your thoracic spine is your lumbar spine. It is a hardworking part of your spine as it bears most of your body weight. 

Moreover, your lumbar spine supports the impact of carrying weights. The practice of proper lifting helps prevent spine injuries from the improper carrying of objects. 

Below your lumbar spines are your tailbone and sacrum. These are the bottom part of your spine. 

Also, these joints on your spine help with its flexibility. It is among the targets of aging and some medical conditions. It can result in pain when arthritis affects this part of your spine. 

Additionally, your intervertebral discs serve as shock absorbers on your spine. Also, they are gel-like structure discs that sit between your stacked vertebrae. Some medical conditions and injuries may cause this gel-like structure to rupture. It can result in pain for many patients. 

Your spine is a significant part of your nervous system. However, there are medical conditions that may limit its function. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic offering minimally invasive and surgical treatments to patients. 

The treatment plan for your pain and other neurological conditions is not the same as others.

Dr. Mobin devises a treatment plan that fits your condition. 

For example, your spinal condition may not require surgery. However, other patients may need spine surgery. 

Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery targets the restoration of the function of the spine. Moreover, it helps return it to its ideal form. 

The targets of spinal surgery can be deformity correction and decompression. 

It is a complex procedure that requires the expertise of a neurosurgeon. 

Dr. Mobin is a neurosurgeon Los Angeles specialist with thousands of experience in spinal surgery.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spinesurgeon LA clinic that can help you regain your spine health.

Why Get Treatment from Dr. Mobin?

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic that prioritizes long-term relief from your medical condition. 

Moreover, it is a neurosurgeon LA clinic that helps patients recover from spine deformities and other medical conditions. 

Also, it is a sciatica pain relief LA clinic that helps patients attain sciatica and other pain treatment. 

Additionally, Dr. Mobin is a neurosurgeon for sciatica who helps patients with various spinal health conditions. 

Dr. Mobin uses minimally invasive procedures in his surgical treatments.

Moreover, he prioritizes minimally invasive treatments before suggesting surgery. 

These treatments include medicines, steroid injections, and physical therapy. 

Dr. Mobin prescribes patients with rest and massage for their medical treatment. 

Many patients gained a better quality of life with the help of Mobin Neurosurgery

It is your turn. 

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