Do I Need Lumbar Discectomy and Cervical Disc Replacement LA Now?

Your nervous system is vital that your brain and spinal cord are the first ones to form during conception.

Contrary to romance novel references, it is your nervous system that pilots your body and not your heart.

The nervous system controls mental and physical movements. One of the common misconceptions about the nervous system is that it only focuses on mental wellbeing. The nervous system is a part of the body. The nutrients you take from your diet fuel it like any other body part. It should receive the same care that you give your other body parts. That way, you can prevent getting cervical disc replacement or lumbar discectomy earlier in your life.

Aging is a natural process. If you take care of your health, you can live long and enjoy it to the fullest. However, some people with regular exercise and a healthy diet can still get neurological disorders. Factors like genes and the environment can influence the health of your nervous system. Some of these factors are beyond your control.

Do not be troubled. The medical industry continues creating methods, tools, and equipment to make treatments less invasive and safer. Your main concern will be finding the right professionals for consultation and medical treatment. Understanding your body’s pilot can help you with this decision.

Additionally, your nervous system consists of fragile parts. Your skull protectively covers your brain. Also, your vertebrae are the structure that protects your spinal cord. Just like your skull, your vertebrae are not unbreakable. You have to take care of it from environmental and lifestyle impacts. It can influence the smooth functioning of each part of the nervous system. For example, it can affect how your brain sends nerve signals across your body.

Your Spinal Cord And Your Vertebrae 

There are 33 vertebrae on your spine. Your spine moves flexibly through facet joints. 

Also, your intervertebral discs support your 33 vertebrae. These discs are the shock absorber of your spine. It is painful when any of these discs get misaligned.

Moreover, the canal inside your connected vertebrae serves as the protective structure that surrounds the spinal cord. The spinal cord houses multiple nerves that connect to different parts of your body. The damage to this structure can be life-threatening. It can even affect your posture. It means it can influence your self-esteem.

Furthermore, soft tissues link each vertebra together. These tissues support and keep the spine in place. It is the connective structure that allows the spine to adjust with your every move.

Additionally, there are five segments of the spine.

There are seven bones in your cervical vertebrae. The cervical vertebra is the top part of your spine. It allows you to twist and turn your head.

The middle part of your spine is the thoracic vertebrae. Attached to this part of the spine are your ribs.

On the other hand, your lumbar vertebrae make up the lower part of your spine. It supports the upper layers of the spine.

Other segments of your spine are your tailbone and sacrum.

Importance Of A Healthy Spine 

Your spine may appear like a simple structure made up of bones, joints, and tissues. However, its entirety is more complex. It is attached to hundreds of joints, bones, and ligaments. 

It protects 31 pairs of nerves that branch out between each vertebra. One misalignment in any of these bones can affect one of these nerves. 

When every part of your spine is working how it should be, expect easeful body movements. If every bone, muscle, and joint linked to it is in good condition, you get to perform your daily tasks effortlessly. 

When components of your spine get out of places like one of your discs or vertebrae, you may experience some side effects of spine misalignment. Spine misalignment can result in back pain and neck pain. Additionally, it can influence your mental health by affecting the production of hormones in your body. Furthermore, a misaligned spine can affect your daily life. Simple movements like walking and climbing stairs can be painful for you. 

How To Take Care Of Your Spine

Your spine is part of a complex structure that contributes to your productivity. If you want to be productive, you need to keep it in good condition. There are methods you can try to maintain a healthy spine.


Like any body part, your spine also needs to rest. You may be wondering the proper way to relax your spine. Just lying down on a firm mattress is enough to rest your spine. To reduce the stress on your lumbar vertebrae, you can place a pillow below your knees. Also, to support your cervical vertebrae, you can use a neck pillow. Overall, the main goal for lying down is to sleep soundly. That way, your entire body can rest and recharge for the challenges of the next day. 

Additionally, using reliable shoes does not only provide comfort to your feet. Good shoes should support your weight to assist the lumbar vertebrae from maintaining proper alignment. 

Furthermore, a good massage can help maintain good spine alignment. Plus, you get to relax after a stressful week. Additionally, it can loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow. However, make sure that you only get it from trained professionals. That way, you prevent accidents.

Additionally, investing in a good work chair is ideal if your work includes hours of sitting. That way, you receive enough support to prevent putting too much strain on your lower spine. 


Vitamins and minerals are vital for overall health. Your diet may not be enough to meet your nutritional needs. For maximum health benefits, you can also consider taking supplements that support muscle and bone health. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful supplement you take to prevent inflammation in your body. That way, you do not need to take medications to resolve pain. Also, it can help your body regain bone strength by boosting the ability of your bones to store calcium. It can reduce your risk for osteoporosis. 

Additionally, Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that your body uses to give it a boost. It also supports nerve and blood health. Also, it can help ease back pain. 

Moreover, Vitamin C can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. It works by repairing damaged tissues. Also, it can reduce inflammation in your body. Overall, this vitamin is vital to the healing process of your body. 

Furthermore, you should also consider Vitamin D supplements. It can help with the absorption of calcium in your body. It also supports bone health. Similar to Vitamin C, it also helps with the healing process within your system. 

Medical Illnesses Affecting The Vertebrae 

One of the main reasons people would go to a doctor regarding their spine issue is pain. According to the Health Policy Institute-George Town University, approximately 65 million living in the United States reported back pain issues. Back pain may only be a symptom of a spine disorder. 

As mentioned before, you may have a healthy lifestyle. Also, you may be taking supplements to support your wellbeing. However, some factors can influence your spine health. For example, a hereditary illness or accidents are beyond your control. 

Here are some spinal disorders:

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when a narrowed spine causes pressure to nerves and the spinal cord. Some people with this condition may feel numbness or pain in the affected area. 

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc occurs when one of the discs between your vertebrae raptures. It causes a gel-like leakage along the nerves and spinal cord. People with this condition suffer from back pain and weakness. 

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease is a condition where the gel-like structure between the vertebrae dries out. When this occurs, the cushions where each spinal bone rests significantly reduce in volume. It provides less support to each bone. Aging and former injuries can influence the occurrence of this illness. 

Medical Treatments For Spine Disorders

There is no sole treatment that cures all spinal disorders. The treatment will depend on the illness. 

Before medical treatments, your doctors will ask for your medical history. This step can be through writing or an interview. Expect questions like the medical history of your family.  

Your doctor may also ask you to take a few tests. These tests can include X-ray, CT scan, MRI scans, and biopsy. 

An x-ray can help your doctor see the condition of your spine alignment. Alternatively, your doctor may request a CT scan. It offers a clearer view of your spine compared to x-rays.

Additionally, MRI helps identify injuries in soft tissues. 

Furthermore, your doctor may request a biopsy if cancer is suspected. Biopsy works by examining a tissue sample. 

You can have a spinal health checkup even if you are not experiencing spine disorder symptoms. That way, you get to find early-stage illnesses. Additionally, you also get medical advice to maintain good spine health during your medical checkup. 

Some of the common spine treatments include back bracing and ice therapy. Your doctors can also use injections and medications to treat your spine problems.

It can also help relieve pain. 

Your doctor may also advise you for physical therapy. 

Alternatively, your doctor may require you to take surgical treatments. For example, you may need to undergo a lumbar discectomy LA or cervical disc replacement LA. 

Where To Get ACDF AND Cervical Disc Replacement In LA?

You may be looking for lumbar discectomy LA or cervical disc replacement LA on your phone to treat your back pain. Look for a medical professional who specializes in neurosurgery for this procedure. 

If you want safe and effective spine treatment, get it only from a neurologist. Neurosurgery experts can help relieve your pain from herniated discs or degenerative disc disease. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is your spinesurgeon LA offering safe neurosurgical treatments using the latest tools and techniques. The practitioners at Mobin Neurosurgery intend to provide support to patients from inquiry until recovery. It means you get undivided attention from the inquiry stage. In this stage, you will be asking about lumbar discectomy LA or cervical disc replacement LA. You will feel their genuine dedication to relieve your pain. 

Whether it is for a disc rupture, chronic back pain, pinched nerve, neck pain, or radiculopathy, Mobin Neurosurgery will help you. Disc replacement is an ideal treatment for these spine issues. However, you will need to book a consultation with the neurosurgeon LA of Mobin Neurosurgery to know more treatment options

To receive safe neurosurgical treatments, make sure to provide complete and honest personal medical information to your doctor. 

Communication is one of the strengths of the team that they are proud to boast. With Mobin Neurosurgery, you are in the right hands. Your treatment will not commence unless they know that you understand the entire process from preparation until your recovery. 

Get Your Life Back By Ending Back Pain

Many illnesses may cause back pain. One common reason for back pain is a spinal disorder. 

Your spine composes complex muscles, joints, bones, and tissues. Misalignment can result in pain and aesthetic issues. 

These disorders influence your quality of life. 

A painful back may hold you back from taking on new passions.

It can also affect your mental health by impacting your self-esteem. Scoliosis can influence the overall aesthetics of your body. 

Neurosurgeons LA can help you resolve your back pain and other spinal disorders. The experts at Mobin Neurosurgery will help you get your life back on track. They employ the latest equipment, tools, and methods to address your specific needs. 

Mobin Neurosurgery offers lumbar discectomy LA or cervical disc replacement LA to treat various spine illnesses. If you want to be comfortable with your body again, you can start by messaging them. 

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