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Change has two faces. The first face is its positive impacts. On the other hand, the other face is the negative effects brought by change. 

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes to the world. It impacted the different sectors of the economy. 

Since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, work and other activities have shifted. 

Many office workers shifted to a work-from-home set up during the earlier parts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Computers, smartphones, and the internet made a work-from-home setup. However, it is not the only way these modern breakthroughs helped people during the early parts of the pandemic. 

Communication applications like Zoom and Google Meet helped people who cannot go outside to message family and friends. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases led many states across the United States to declare lockdown orders. 

During the lockdown orders, businesses classified as non-essential temporarily closed their doors to their clients and customers. Some of them even permanently ended their entrepreneurial journey. 

On the other hand, essential business continued operations. However, the continuance of operations during the earlier parts of the pandemic was not all smooth sailing. 

PPEs and other COVID-19 restrictions protected workers. It helped workers whose nature of work cannot fit a remote setup. 

The financial burden on these PPEs lies on the shoulders of employers. 

Essential businesses continuing operations during the early parts of the pandemic followed COID-19 restrictions. It included budgets for sanitizing workplaces and PPEs for employees. 

Moreover, business expenses included investments for additional employees to encourage social distancing and frequent sanitizing among employees and customers. 

With the help of modern tools, the country continued to fight against the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, the internet and computers allowed for smooth transactions between employees, employers, and other stakeholders. 

With the encouragement of remote work setups, many people entered the digital world for communication and other activities. 

With this shift, the online community increased in population. 

This change resulted in businesses shifting to a different marketing strategy.

For example, digital marketing applies strategies allowing you to reach the online community on their preferred platforms. These different platforms include websites, social media, and emails. 

Digital marketing is a technical marketing strategy. It needs experts to prevent waste of time, money, and effort. 

Many businesses trusted digital marketing agencies to reach the growing online community. 

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Training is significant for success in any field of work. Medical aesthetic practitioners enrich their knowledge and skills with the help of training schools. 

The Aesthetic Immersion applies modernized tools and approaches for learners. 

They teach learners the latest technologies and methods used by experts in the medical aesthetic market. The learning experience empowers medical aesthetic practitioners. Also, it instills confidence among med spa professionals. 

The skills and knowledge development you accomplish from training and experience may not be enough. Other factors may influence your optimal All experts cannot give their best if they suffer from chronic or acute pain. 

Pain: A Symptom for Many Illnesses

Pain is a feeling that includes uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable sensations. It may indicate that there is something wrong with your body. 

It can be the feeling of burning, tingling, or aching on a body part. 

Pain can be a result of a current injury or unhealed illness. Alternatively, it can be a recurring condition. 

Additionally, pain may result in other symptoms. For example, headaches and weakness may also happen when you feel something painful in your body. Moreover, pain may also result in depression, anxiety, and mood issues.

Pain can be neuropathic pain. It occurs from injuries to your nerves. It includes tingling sensations and discomfort in the affected area. 

Moreover, people with central pain may experience burning and aching sensations. It results from a tumor, abscess, brain, or spinal injury. 

Additionally, amputees may experience phantom pain. Amputees who experience this pain feel pain on the amputated limb as if it were there. 

Furthermore, other classifications of pain are acute or chronic. 

Acute Pain

Acute pain is a short-term type of pain that may result from an injury. 

It can disappear after the injury heals. 

There are different types of acute pain.

For example, acute pain can be somatic pain. It is a sensation you feel on your skin, bones, or muscles. 

Another type of acute pain is visceral pain. 

It is the pain you feel inside your body. It originates from an organ. 

Additionally, referred pain is a pain in a body part different from the origin of an injured internal body part. 

Chronic Pain

Pain can also be chronic. It includes long-term periodic episodes of pain sensations. 

You can get chronic pain attacks now. Then, it may disappear after a few minutes or hours. Then, it can occur again at unpredictable periods. 

Pain that occurs, disappears, and reoccurs are intermittent characteristics of chronic pain. Examples of this type of chronic pain are migraine attacks. 

Alternatively, chronic pain can be continuous. An example is arthritis. 

Furthermore, chronic pain occurs in different intensities. Some chronic pain is mild. On the other hand, others are moderate or severe. 

Chronic pain can come from an illness. 

Diagnosing Your Type of Pain

A doctor is the only person to trust for medical-related diagnoses.

Indeed, medical information is rampant over the internet. However, it is not sufficient for a reliable diagnosis of your condition. 

A neurosurgeon or neurologist can make a diagnosis of your pain. 

Are Neurosurgeons and Neurologists the Same?

Neurosurgeons and neurologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions. They can conduct surgeries within your nervous system. 

However, a neurologist does not have a spine and brain surgery license. 

They can help diagnose your pain and its source. Also, they can offer treatment for it. 

For example, a neurosurgeon Los Angeles doctor may ask for your history of pain for a diagnosis. The location of the pain, duration and other pain characteristics will help your doctor make a reliable diagnosis of your condition. 

Your doctor may ask you to rate your pain based on a scale. 

For example, your doctor may ask you to rate your pain on a scale of one to ten. Your doctor may say zero is the least painful and ten is the most intense pain level.

Additionally, your doctor may ask you to describe the pain you feel. 

Treatment of pain varies. 

Diagnosis from a reliable neuro surgeon Los Angeles expert helps you recover from your pain.  

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic offering treatment for varying types of pain. It targets the treatment of the cause of pain. This type of treatment helps you gain long-term pain relief. 

Your Pain, Nervous System, and Neurological Health

As mentioned earlier, pain is a type of sensation. 

Your nervous system is responsible for processing and responding to sensations. Your central and peripheral nervous systems handle these functions. 

It is the link between pain and your nervous system. 

Pain may arise from an illness or injury of a body part apart from your nervous system. 

Your nerves extend from your spinal cord to different parts of your body. An injury or illness affecting your organs may affect your nerves. 

Neurological Conditions You May Be Experiencing

There are different medical conditions relating to your nervous system. 

Here are some neurological conditions you may be suffering from:

Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves may result from compressed nerves by tissues. 

Alternatively, bones or cartilage may be the cause of these compressed nerves. 

It includes aching, burning, and numbing sensations. 

Also, pinched nerves may result in decreased sensations. 

Some doctors may prescribe rest and OTC pain relievers for some patients. However, you should not self-medicate. 

You can consult with a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles doctor for appropriate treatment. 


Migraine is not simply a headache that comes and goes. It is a complex medical condition with different stages. 

Some people would not even experience all the stages of migraine. On the other hand, others experience every phase. 

The stages of migraine are Prodrome, Aura, Attack, and Post-drome. 

Prodrome may occur a day or two before the migraine attack. During this stage, you may experience mood shifts, constipation, and more trips to the bathroom to urinate. 

The next migraine stage is Aura. Symptoms of Aura affecting the nervous system can be reversible. It can happen before or during a migraine attack. The usual symptoms of the aura stage are related to vision. For example, you may experience vision loss. 

Additionally, you may also experience numbness on your face. Alternatively, the numbness feeling may occur on one side of your body. 

The next stage is the migraine attack. Migraine attacks vary from one person to another. Some would experience migraine attacks for a few hours. Seek medical assistance from a spinesurgeon LA clinic for pain relief. 

People in the attack stage of migraines may feel pain on all sides of the head. However, some would feel it only on one side of the head. 

Additionally, some people would experience light sensitivity and vomiting during this stage. 

The last stage of a migraine is the Postdrome stage. You might feel drained of energy during this phase.

Some people would also experience confusion during this stage. 

The complexity of this medical condition requires an expert. An expert you can trust for migraine relief is a spine surgery Los Angeles doctor. 

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs may result from the wear and tear of your disc. It happens when the watery content of your discs reduces in volume. This phenomenon makes your bones brittle.

One of the symptoms of a herniated disc is a pain in the related body part. For example, a herniated disc on your cervical spine may result in pain in your arm. 

Alternatively, a herniated disc on your lumbar spine may result in pain in your leg.

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery uses high-end imaging technology to identify the extent of the condition. It helps him make a diagnosis of your medical condition. 

Additionally, Dr. Mobin prioritizes minimally invasive treatments before suggesting surgery. 

Lumbar microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive surgery this neurosurgeon LA doctor offers for herniated disc treatment. 

It is the removal of the related disc. Additionally, Dr. Mobin applies annular repair. This medical procedure helps prevent re-herniation. 

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis results due to a narrowing spinal canal. These medical conditions may compress nerves along your spine.

People with spinal stenosis may experience weakness and numbness in the related body part. 


Sciatica is pain resulting from a compressed sciatic nerve. 

It is the largest nerve in your body. 

Also, it extends from your lower back to the back of your legs. 

It also includes weakness and numbing sensations like other pinched or compressed nerve symptoms. 

In severe cases, it can influence bladder control. 

Some of the causes of sciatica are spinal stenosis and herniated discs. A spine tumor or bone spur may also cause sciatica. 

Get Long-Term Pain Relief with Help from a Doctor for Sciatica Pain 

Mobin Neurosurgery can help improve your quality of life. Dr. Mobin does not only target short-term pain relief. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles expert. Dr. Mobin prioritizes minimally invasive medical treatments before suggesting surgery. 

Examples of these treatments include medications and physical therapy. 

If non-surgical treatments do not do the work, Dr. Mobin may suggest surgery. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin has multiple experiences as a neurosurgeon. Additionally, he applies minimally invasive surgical procedures for patients. 

Get relief from your pain with the help of a reliable neurosurgeon. Book an appointment with Mobin Neurosurgery!



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