All About Nerve Damage

Your nervous system controls all voluntary and involuntary movements of your body. Involuntary processes of your body are actions your consciousness does not notice but automatically occurs. On the other hand, voluntary movements are actions you do that you are aware of.

Involuntary body processes include the beating of your heart. Also, your immune system cannot fight off an infection without the influence of your immune system. Additionally, your liver cannot process waste and convert nutrients into helpful forms for your body without your nervous system.

Also, voluntary body movements include writing a pen and riding a bike. Also, voluntary actions include singing and dancing.

If you are a musician, you may need to take care of your nerve health. Problems in the nerves such as pinched nerves can affect your career. An example of pinched nerves is carpal tunnel syndrome. This medical condition is a result of compression of the median nerve. Some of the symptoms you can feel with carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness and weakness in your arm or hand. Also, you may feel a tingling sensation in your hands or arm as well.

If your work includes lots of lifting heavy materials, you also need to take care of the health of your nervous system. Back pain can disappear after rest. However, chronic back pain can affect your career. Imagine a sharp pain in your back every time you do your work. Back pain can be a result of different types of illnesses. Sometimes, it may not be only a neurological issue.

Different factors may have brought your back pain attacks. For example, trauma and former accidents may be the reason for your backaches. Alternatively, illnesses like osteoporosis and arthritis may be the cause of your chronic back pain. Additionally, ligament and muscle strain from regularly carrying heavy material may be the cause of your back pain.  

Another possible cause of your chronic back pain is a ruptured disk.

If over-the-counter medicines do not cure your chronic aches, you may need the help of an expert

You will never know the cause of your illness if you do not get it checked by a medical professional

Additionally, proper diagnosis allows you to get appropriate treatment for your medical condition. 

For example, if a ruptured disc is the cause of your chronic back pain, your doctor can offer treatments. That way, it gets resolved in the source.

To understand how you can take care of your nervous system, you need to understand its parts and functions.

Major Parts Of Your Nervous System

Your endocrine system makes up the glands in your body that produce hormones. For example, your ovaries and pancreas produce hormones carried across the body through the bloodstream. 

In coordination with your nervous system, both control all the processes that occur in your body. The parts of your nervous system include your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. 

It comprises two major sections. These sections include the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of your central nervous system. 

Additionally, the nerves that branch throughout your body are part of your peripheral nervous system.

Your brain is part of your central nervous system. Your skull protects your brain. It is responsible for processing signals delivered by nerves. Also, your brain is responsible for ordering the response to such stimuli sent by nerves. It means your brain controls what your think and do. 

Additionally, it is your brain that controls your feelings. Without your brain, you cannot talk and be productive at work.

Moreover, your spinal cord is like a tunnel. It sends messages from the nerves. Also, it allows passage for responses from the brain. Additionally, your spinal cord branches out nerves that reach your different organs. Also, your spinal cord is at your back. Your backbone protects your spinal cord.

Furthermore, your nerves are the passageway of signals from stimuli to reaction. It means it is responsible for sending messages to your brain. The brain, in return, sends the appropriate reaction to message sent by the nerves. For example, your nerves signal to your brain that you touched a hot surface when you held a hot mug. 

After receiving the message, your brain orders an appropriate reaction like moving your hand from the hot surface. Your nervous system is a coordination of organs that sends messages to the brain. That way, your brain can make a reaction. These messages reach the brain through your spinal cord and nerves.

What Is A Nerve?

As the brain controls all voluntary and involuntary functions of your body, your nerves branch out to all your organs as well. The stimulus occurs when chemical and electrical changes in the neurons occur.

How Many Nerves Are In the Body?

Nerve endings scatter throughout your body. That way, your body can make reactions to any stimuli.

According to Healthline, the total nerves in the human body is not yet determined. The source claims that there are hundreds of nerves in the human body. Additionally, it states that there are billions of neurons within your nerves.

Sections Of The Nerves Across Your Body

Your nerves divide into two sections. One section is the sensory division. The other section is the motor division.

Your sensory division transmits information from internal and external environments. For example, it is responsible for the information relating to feelings, emotions, and pain. 

For example, you sense pain after a paper cut. It is your sensory division at work.

Also, your sensory division allows you to be a great cook. Why? It is responsible for your sensitivity to smell and taste. You cannot be a great cook if you do not taste your food.

Your motor division is responsible for ordering movement to any parts of your body. 

An order from the brain to wave your hand to a friend you meet in the street is the work of your motor division nerves.However, this division is also responsible for involuntary physical movements. For example, breathing. 

You do not think about breathing because your body does it involuntarily.

All of the messages travel through the help of the neuron in your nerves. 

A problem with your nerves can affect your entire nervous system.

Everything About Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage can result from an injury. Alternatively, an illness like diabetes causes nerve damage. 

Another terminology for nerve damage is peripheral neuropathy.

When nerve damage is not severe, your body will do its best to repair itself. 

However, your body cannot repair nerve damage completely, says WebMD.

Nerve damage presents some symptoms that you need to know. For example, numbness and tingling of any part of your body may mean you have this medical condition. 

Additionally, sharp pains in your hands and other parts of your body can mean you have nerve damage. Moreover, a weak grip may mean you have this condition.

When you diagnose nerve damage in its early stage, you slow its progression. 

Like diabetes and aging, it is progressive medical condition. It means it will continue if you do not control it and its symptoms.

To control nerve damage, you need to identify the source. 

One of the medical conditions that cause nerve damage is diabetes. If you control your blood glucose levels, you manage nerve damage.

Additionally, some medications unregulated by a doctor can result in peripheral neuropathy. For example, you self-medicate an illness and take your medicine for an extended period without consulting your doctor for years.

Moreover, surgery to resolve nerve issues can result in nerve damage. Look for a competitive and board-certified medical professional to prevent irreversible complications.

Furthermore, prolonged pinched nerve issues can result in permanent nerve damage.

What Is A Pinched Nerve? 

Pinched nerves result in pain.A compressed nerve causes this pain. Usually, pain from pinched nerves is temporary. It means you can only experience it in a few weeks then it goes away. 

However, chronic pain from pinched nerves can result in the permanence of nerve damage.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerves

Pain is the main symptom of a pinched nerve. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a form of a pinched nerve, occurs in the hands. Sharp pain in your hand can indicate you have this medical condition.  

Another symptom of a pinched nerve is tingling sensations in the affected area. It means you may feel pins and needles in the spot where a pinched nerve occurs.

Also, muscle weakness and numbness can mean you have pinched nerves.

Causes Of Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves may be a result of an existing illness. For example, arthritis and diabetes can be the reason for experiencing pinched nerves.

Also, lifestyle and diet can influence your risk for this medical condition. Obesity is a condition characterized by excessive body fat. 

If you are obese, you have a high risk of pinched nerves.

Moreover, repetitive movements can result in this medical issue. For example, frequent writing and typing on a computer increase the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Furthermore, illnesses do not only cause pinched nerves. 

You can get this illness through an injury as well.

Diagnosis For Pinched Nerves

The only way to know if you have pinched nerves is by consulting with a neurological expert

A spinesurgeon LA can help diagnose the cause of the numbness and tingling sensations you feel.

Additionally, a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic has the right medical expert to help you.

Some of the tests that a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic will need to diagnose you include X-rays, MRI, and CT scans.

Treatment Options For Pinched Nerves

A competitive neurological expert will not immediately offer surgery when non-invasive treatments are available for your condition.

Some non-invasive treatments for pinched nerves include getting enough rest and applying hot and cold packs. A neurosurgeon LA clinic may require you to wear splinters to limit movement on the affected area.

If all non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures do not work, a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic may offer a surgical fix.

How To Take Care Of Nerve Health

Injuries caused by accidents are unpreventable. However, you can prevent illnesses that result in nerve damage.

Maintaining an ideal weight can help prevent many illnesses. For example, it can prevent obesity and diabetes.

Additionally, good posture helps prevent pressure on nerves.

Also, a balance between an active lifestyle and rest can do wonders for your nerve health. 

As repetitive activities can result in nerve compressions, you need to give your body rest. It means you have to consider the leave credits your boss gives you. That way, you get to renew and rest your body from the stresses of work.

The Expert To Seek For Nerve Health Issue Treatment

Mobin Neurosurgery is the place you can get your nerve health checked. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a board-certified neurosurgeon who can treat any neurological condition.He offers treatments like a lifestyle change and medication. 

Additionally, he offers treatments like physical therapy and surgery. 

He will only offer a surgical fix to your neurological illness if the minimally invasive treatments do not work.

Do not worry about the expertise of Dr. Mobin with neurological surgery. Dr. Mobin has thousands of spinal surgery experiences. It means his numerous experiences in his expertise offer safe and accurate results.

Also, Dr. Mobin can help treat your nerve damage concerns, that way, you slow or prevent its progression. He will do this by solving the root illness of your nerve damage problem.

Furthermore, Dr. Mobin can help resolve other neurological conditions like back pain, spine issues, and sciatic nerve problems.

When you consult with an expert, you do not only end the pain. You improve your quality of life. For example, if you cannot walk for a few miles before due to pain, relief from it can help you get in good shape. 

Moreover, body aesthetics does not only benefit you physically. It also provides mental health benefits. When you look good, you feel good with confidence.

End your suffering from pain due to nerve damage. You can prevent the progression of a neurological condition if you get professional help. 

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