A Sciatica Doctor To Visit in July 2022

Your spine is a complex structure of small bones that also connects to muscles, tendons, and joints.

There is any work that depends on spine strength. For example, delivery personnel need a strong back to carry your parcels. 

People working as delivery personnel are some of the heroes of the recent pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges to the world. These challenges include escalating deaths and COVID-19 cases. Additionally, shifts in business activities resulted in many business closures. 

One of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic was the temporary closures of non-essential businesses. During the stay-at-home orders, people remained inside their homes for days. The increased time at home led to a digital shift among households. It encouraged online communications. 

The online community escalated in number upon learning about the opportunities on the internet. It led to shifts in activities. It even led to changes in business strategies. 

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However, there are also challenges. For example, the increase 4in demand for online shopping services introduced the need for more delivery personnel. More employees mean added costs for PPEs and other COVID-19 protection expenses.   

Many households relied on delivery personnel for groceries and medicines. 

They are one of the heroes of the pandemic. They risked their health to deliver necessities to many households. 

Medicines and a few groceries are not heavy. However, the large parcels in boxes may be heavy. 

Lifting heavy objects needs a strong back. Your spine supports you as you lift objects. 

Also, problems with spine health may arise with this job alone. For example, improper lifting may result in spine injuries. Moreover, it can worsen an injury or spine condition. 

Other professions include lifting as a part of their work. For example, teachers who may carry a box of papers may lift it incorrectly. Also, people in the office may carry boxes of paper. Improper lifting of any object may result in back injuries. 

The Correct Way of Lifting Objects

Knowing proper lifting helps prevent spinal disc strains and spine injuries. 

First, spread your feet apart. It should be at the same distance as your shoulders. One of your feet should be a few distances ahead of the other. 

Next, squat. Squat with your knees and hips. A safe bend for lifting in this stance is at a right angle. 

Then, maintain a straight back. Look straight. Also, keep your shoulders back and your chest out. 

The next step involves lifting the object. Straighten your knees and hips. 

Then, carry the object at the level of your belly button. 

In putting down the object, only use your knees and hips. 

Bend your knees and hips in putting down the object.

Although following proper lifting, there are other factors influencing spine health. Practicing proper lifting prevents spinal disc strain and injuries. 

The Complex Structure of the Spine

As mentioned earlier, your spine structure is complex. Injury or spine conditions may limit the functions of your backbone. 

It is your body part that helps you make movements. For example, your spine allows you to walk, sit, dance, and jump. It also allows you to twist and bend. 

Your spine connects with muscles, tendons, and joints. However, the primary structure of your spine includes discs, bones, spinal cord, and nerves.

Parts of the Spine

Your spine has different parts. 

It includes your 33 small bones. 

These bones make up your vertebrae. The space inside these stacked small bones in your spinal canal. 

The spinal canal is the home of your spinal cord and nerves. 

Also, your spinal cord and nerves are part of the nervous system. 

Spinal cord injury may result in temporary or permanent paralysis or other side effects. 

Spinal cord health is significant. In medicine, neurologists do not have a license for spine and brain surgeries. 

A neurosurgeon has skills and training for spine and brain surgery. A skillful neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic you can visit is Mobin Neurosurgery.

Another part of your spine is soft tissues. The 33 small bones of your spine connect with the help of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These soft structures support your backbone. 

Additionally, a part of your spine includes intervertebral discs. There are flat and gel-like discs resting between your 33 small spinal bones. It serves as a cushion between these bones. 

Moreover, facet joints are part of your spine. It allows your spine to twist and turn.

The Segments of Your Spine

Your spine has different segments. The top part of your spine is the cervical spine. 

The cervical spine includes the top seven small bones of your backbone. It makes up a lordotic curve. 

Also, it is the spine of your neck.

The next part below your cervical spine is the thoracic spine. 

It is the middle part of your spine. 

Moreover, it includes the 12 small bones below your cervical spine. 

Additionally, it is the place where your ribs attach. 

The lower part of your spine is your lumbar spine. It supports the weight of the spine sections above it. Lifting and carrying objects affects your lumbar spine. 

Ensure you follow the previously mentioned tips for the proper lifting of objects. It helps prevent strain and injury to your lumbar spine. 

Additionally, below your lumbar spine is a triangle-shaped bone called the sacrum. Your sacrum connects to the hips.  

Another part of your spine is your tailbone. 

The tailbone is also known as the coccyx. 

It is the bottom part of your spine. 

Also, it includes four small bones of your spine. 

Your Spine and Nervous System

All your body systems connect with your nervous system. 

Your nervous system links with your spine through your spinal cord. 

Your spinal cord connects with the brain and nerves. These are the parts of your nervous system. 

Your spinal cord relays signals between the brain and other body parts. This process involves coordination between your spinal cord and nerves.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of your central nervous system. Your brain is responsible for sending signals to different parts of your body. 

These signals reach different parts of your body through the nerves.

Your peripheral nervous system includes your nerves. Nerves are the messengers of the body. 

These signals travel within the nervous system. Your nervous system controls voluntary and involuntary movements.

Voluntary movements include writing, walking, and jumping. It also includes running, painting, and singing. 

On the other hand, involuntary movements include breathing and beating of the heart.

Neurological Conditions 

 There are many possible reasons for your back pain or headaches. These symptoms may come from neurological conditions. 

Here are some neurological conditions you need to watch out for: 

Alzheimer’s Disease

 Alzheimer’s disease entails memory and behavioral issues. Some of the symptoms of this illness include becoming more forgetful. 

Spinal Cord Injury

Injury or damage to your spinal cord may affect different parts of your body. Your spinal cord connects with nerves. These nerves spread out across your body. Damage where nerves connect to the spinal cord potentially influences a part of your body connecting to it. 

Spine injury may result in urinary function and bowel movement issues. 

Moreover, spine injury may result in heartbeat and breathing abnormalities. 

Furthermore, it may slow your metabolism. It is the process involving the conversion of food into energy.

Additionally, it can affect muscle movements and sensations.

Seeing an expert in neurological health can help with the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. For example, you can visit a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic for treatment. 

Spine Tumors

Tumors are abnormal tissues that grow on a body part. A spine tumor is abnormal tissue growth anywhere inside your spinal column. 

Spine Tumors may be benign or malignant. 

Benign means the tumor is non-cancerous. On the other hand, malignant tumors are cancerous. 

For an accurate diagnosis, you can visit a neurosurgeon LA clinic. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spinesurgeon LA clinic that can help with your neurological condition. 

Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve is a condition where nerves get compressed. It leads to many symptoms. For example, you might experience numbness, reduced sensations, and weakness in the affected area. 

There are many possible causes of pinched nerves. For example, it can result from disc issues. Furthermore, it can come from repetitive tendon movements. 

Additionally, it can come as a symptom of an illness. For example, diabetes may cause pinched nerves. 

Also, bone spurs and spinal stenosis may cause pinched nerves. 

One of the types of pinched nerves is sciatica. 


Sciatica may come from a compressed sciatic nerve. 

One of the symptoms of sciatica is pain from your buttocks down to your leg. Additionally, sciatica entails muscle weakness. 

Additionally, sciatica can be uncomfortable.

Some causes of sciatica include spondylolisthesis, spine tumor, bone spur, or degenerative disc disease. Alternatively, sciatica may result from a ruptured disc. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic. Your sciatica treatments depend on your test results. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications. Additionally, he may prescribe physical therapy, steroid injections, or postural training. In some cases, he may offer surgical procedures to resolve the root cause of your sciatica. 

Tips For a Healthy Spine

Regardless of the target body part, general methods for attaining better health is available. For example, health tips for your heart also benefit other body parts. 

Here are some tips to keep your spine healthy: 

Practice Proper Lifting

There is a proper way of lifting objects. 

Follow the tips of correct lifting to prevent spine injuries. Also, these tips are in the top part of this article. 

Healthy Eating

As mentioned earlier, these health tips are not only for your spine health. It can also contribute to overall health. 

Your diet impacts your health. What you consume may improve or worsen a medical condition. For example, excessive sugary food intake may worsen the side effects of diabetes. Additionally, it may increase your diabetes risk. 

For healthy eating, you can select less-processed food. Also, these foods are the ones that do not contain voluminous preservatives and chemicals.

Regular Exercise

Exercise has many positive effects on the body. It can help with your cardiovascular health. Additionally, it can help with your spine health. 

Another benefit of exercise is sweating. Sweating regulates your body temperature. Additionally, it helps moisturize your skin. 

Visit a Doctor

Visiting a specialist for your conditions is significant. 

For beauty enhancement, you can visit a medical spa. 

Examples of medical spas are Bespoke Beauty MT, New England Skin Center, and Kauai Medspa.

For spine health, you can visit a neurosurgeon. Mobin Neurosurgery is a spinesurgeon LA clinic. 

A doctor who can help with your spine health is a spinesurgeon. Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon with multiple experiences in the field. 

Visiting a neurosurgeon can help with pain and other neurological conditions. 

A Sciatica Expert You Need to Visit This July 2022

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery has years of experience with spine surgery. Moreover, he has expertise in the treatment of various neurological conditions. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles expert. 

Additionally, it is a spine surgery Los Angeles expert that can help with many spine conditions. 

Furthermore, Mobin Neurosurgery can help with pain relief. It also offers pinched nerve treatments. 

Moreover, you can get treatment for back pain, neck aches, and spine injuries from Mobin Neurosurgery

Dr. Mobin applies minimally invasive procedures for your treatment. He prioritizes less invasive procedures before suggesting surgery. 

Many patients attain sciatica pain relief with the help of Mobin Neurosurgery. It is your turn! Book a consultation now!



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