A Neurosurgeon for Sciatica You Need to Visit in 2022

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People who spend most of their time sitting at work are highly susceptible to many health risks. The risk increases if you do not have a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, people who spend most of their time at work carrying heavy loads also have health risks. 

These risks entail back pain and other spine conditions. 

The Structure of Your Spine

The spine structure entails an interconnection of various tissues. It encompasses joints, muscles, and tiny bones. 

There are 33 stacked tiny bones within your spine. Between these stacked bones are gel-like discs. These discs serve as a safety cushion between your vertebrae. Moreover, it helps prevent each bone from rubbing against the other. 

The problem with these discs is their susceptibility to aging. 

Aging is not only about wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and saggy skin. It also affects your body within. 

As you age, the gel-like discs in your backbone lose strength. The risk of them rupturing increases as you grow old. 

The risk for other spine health conditions also increases as you age. 

Understanding your spine may also help you prolong it in its healthy state. 

Understanding Your Spinal Structure

Your spine has various sections. Another feature of your spine is its curves. These curves work well in preventing injuries and balance issues. Moreover, it absorbs shock and allows for body movements. 

The bottom part of your spine is your sacrum and tailbone. 

One of the functions of your sacrum entails its attachment to your hip bone. It links your entire spine to your hip bone. 

On the other hand, your tailbone allows tissues, aside from your vertebrae, to attach to the pelvic floor. 

Above your sacrum and tailbone are varying spinal curves or divisions. 

Your lumbar spine rests above your sacrum. A healthy adult has a concave curve on his lumbar spine. Additionally, this section of your spine bears most of your body weight. 

Moreover, it is the part of your spine receiving strain when you lift objects. 

Moreover, above your lumbar curve is your thoracic spine. It is the section of your spine where your ribs connect. The thoracic spine has a convex curve. This section of your spine contributes to the protection of your heart and lungs. 

The top part of your spine curve entails your cervical spine. It encompasses the top seven vertebrae of your spine. 

One of the functions of this portion of your spine entails neck movement support. Moreover, it helps you nod and turns your head. Additionally, your cervical spine has the same curve as your lumbar spine. 

Spine Issues That Require Medical Attention

Your spine is a structure that allows body movement. 

Additionally, its curves help absorb the impact of many movements. Moreover, it helps with balance. 

Despite this well-built structure, it is not untouchable by injury and medical conditions. 

Here are some medical conditions that relate to your spine health: 

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is usually a result of wear and tear. It presents as the narrowing of the spinal canal. It is the area where your spinal cord rests. 

Parts of your spinal cord may have issues when it gets compressed within your narrowing spinal canal. 

The impact of spinal stenosis entails compressed nerves. 

It entails pain as a symptom. 

Lumbar spinal stenosis affects the function of your lumbar spine. 

Moreover, it influences the functions of the nerves that extend down to the lower part of your body. People in their senior years have a high risk for this spinal condition. However, young adults are also susceptible to this medical condition. 

Some causes of spinal stenosis are bone spurs and thickening ligaments on the spine. 

Additionally, there are instances where spinal stenosis is unnoticeable. However, others would experience various symptoms of the illness. 

For example, people with lumbar spinal stenosis might experience cramps while walking. Moreover, others would experience numbing sensations on the affected body part. 

Furthermore, other people would complain of pain and weakness in their legs and buttocks. 

The rare symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis include motor function loss in the legs. 

Furthermore, it includes reduced bladder control. 

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Degenerative spondylolisthesis occurs when one of your backbones moves forward while still attached to the other bones. The usual cause of this spinal condition is aging. It results from the weakening of the tissues within your spine. 

For example, it results from the deterioration of your bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints caused by aging. 

Women and people in their senior years have a high risk for this spinal condition. 

Moreover, degenerative spondylolisthesis usually occurs on your lumbar spine. 

However, there are instances when it occurs on your cervical and thoracic spine.

The possible cause of degenerative spondylolisthesis on the cervical spine is arthritis within the joints of your spine. 

Arthritis comes from inflammation in one or more joints within your body. People with arthritis experience pain and swelling in the affected joints. 

It encompasses various medical conditions that influence different types of tissues. 

It has different types. 

For example, osteoarthritis is a medical phenomenon where the cartilage in your bone breaks. 

The other term for this type of arthritis is degenerative joint disease. It is a medical condition that worsens as you age. 

People usually experience this painful medical condition on their hands and knees.

The other symptoms of this disease include swelling and stiffness. 

Osteoarthritis limits a person from enjoying their life to the fullest. 

People who are at risk of osteoarthritis include women and overweight individuals. 

Moreover, people in their senior years have a high risk for this medical condition. 

Also, people with family members suffering from this medical condition are at risk. 

There is no cure for osteoarthritis. However, your doctor may offer treatments that help with its symptoms.

These entail weight loss, physical treatment, and medications. 

Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida is a medical condition that comes from a birth defect. 

It happens when the fetus does not develop a complete spine during the first month of conception. 

The symptoms of this birth defect vary from one patient to another. 

One patient may experience severe symptoms of this medical condition. 

On the other hand, another patient with spina bifida may not notice anything. 

Patients with severe spina bifida have nerve and spinal cord damage. 

Surgery helps resolve the risk of further nerve and spinal damage. However, it does not reverse the damages incurred from the medical condition. 

The treatment for this medical condition varies due to the different presentations of this illness. 

In severe cases, it results in permanent mobility issues. Additionally, it may limit the learning abilities of children. 


Osteoporosis entails the weakening of bones. It encompasses having low bone mass. 

Also, it is a progressive medical condition. Some patients would only get a diagnosis after a bone fracture occurs. 

Women have a high risk for osteoporosis. 

However, men also have a risk for this medical condition. 

Osteoporosis can also influence the strength of your vertebrae. Spine fractures can result in intense back pain. 

Additionally, spine fractions may cause a disability that limits you from doing daily activities. For example, it may prevent you from lifting your children and working. 

The symptoms of osteoporosis include lower back pain, bone fractures, and posture change. Also, people with osteoporosis experience loss of height.  


Sciatica is pain from a compressed sciatic nerve root. 

Some of the causes of this neurological condition are spinal stenosis and herniated discs. 

Among the symptoms of sciatica is pain from your buttocks to your leg. 

It can be mild for some patients. 

However, some patients may find it excruciating. 

Pain and Your Nervous System

Pain has a link to your nervous system. Your nerves and brain continuously communicate regarding your environment.

Pain is a way your body tells you something is wrong.

Your nervous system includes your spinal cord, brain, and nerves. 

Your central nervous system encompasses your brain and spinal cord. It is the place where the receipt and processing of chemical information occur. 

Additionally, your peripheral nervous system encompasses your nerves. Your nerves expand to different parts of your body. 

It links your central nervous system to your different organs. 

Tips for a Healthy Body

Your nervous system links to different parts of your body. 

Health tips supporting different parts of your body contribute to your neurological health. 

Here are some tips to consider for better neurological health: 

Eat Less Added Sugar

A healthy lifestyle entails an ideal diet. The food you intake impacts your overall health. 

Added sugars are among the culprits of many medical conditions. 

Fruits, milk, and other natural foods have sugar in them. These healthy foods filled with nutrients become unhealthy when you mix added sugars.

Skipping added sugar on these foods helps provide nutrition to different organs within your body. 

Different organs contribute to your brain's health.

For example, your digestive and cardiovascular systems provide nutrients to your brain. 

Keep Moving

Exercise has many health benefits. It helps reduce the risks of certain illnesses. 

Additionally, it helps keep your brain sharp and healthy. 

Consult a Doctor

The best place to get neurological health advice is a doctor.

A doctor specializing in neurological health is a neurosurgeon. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin of Mobin Neurosurgery offers proper treatment for your chronic pain and other neurological conditions. 

Seeing a Neurosurgeon for Sciatica and other Neurological Conditions

Through your nerves, pain signals travel. 

The connection between pain signals and the nervous system suggests the specialization of neurosurgeons with pain relief. 

A neurosurgeon is a specialist in neurological health who can help you with pain relief. 

Additionally, you can ask about tips to gain a healthy nervous system. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon Los Angeles with multiple experiences in his field. His expertise helped many patients attain long-term pain relief. 

Moreover, this neurosurgeon for sciatica offers minimally invasive treatments before suggesting surgery. 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a spinesurgeon LA clinic offering minimally invasive treatments to patients to help them with their neurological conditions. 

These conditions entail backaches, spinal injury, nerve health issues, or neck pain. 

Why Mobin Neurosurgery? 

Mobin Neurosurgery is a sciatica pain relief Los Angeles clinic. 

Dr. Fardad Mobin is a neurosurgeon for sciatica who can help improve your quality of life. His treatment offers target long-term relief to patients. 

Moreover, Dr. Mobin is a neuro surgeon Los Angeles specialist who helps patients suffering from radiculopathy and spinal stenosis. 

Additionally, Mobin Neurosurgery is a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic that offers treatment for herniated discs and spine injuries.

Let a neurosurgeon LA specialist help improve your quality of life in 2022. 

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