8 Reasons To Visit A Neurosurgeon

According to Britannica, there are two ways to view the quality of life.

You can view the quality of life as the living condition of a person. On the other hand, quality of life can refer to your life experiences. It means your view of the quality of life can be different from your friends.

Your friends can say that they have a good quality of life if their wealth supports their wants and needs.

On the other hand, you can say you have a good quality of life if you can enjoy the experiences that come as you live your life.

You can enjoy life if you are healthy and comfortable. Also, you have a good quality of life if you enjoy your life experiences and overcome struggles.

Quality of life is subjective. A person who cannot walk may say that he has a good quality of life. He may enjoy what he does. For example, a blind girl is a good singer. She may have a booming career in the entertainment industry despite her disability. When you interview her, she can say that she is living her dream. She can also say that sharing her voice with a large audience is what makes her enjoy life despite her inability to see.

On the other hand, another blind girl may say that she does not have a good quality of life. For example, she may have loved to see the different colors of the environment. As she believes that seeing her surroundings would make her enjoy life, her disability prohibits this opportunity.

How you view life can impact how you perceive your quality of life. However, there are uncontrollable factors that limit you from appreciating life.

An unexplainable pain anywhere in your body can affect your daily activities. For example, a migraine attack may impact your outputs at work. If you work as a teacher, you may have uncontrollable emotions as you try to ease through your minutes-long migraine attack.

Alternatively, your chronic back pain may have influenced your productivity at work. If you work in a restaurant as a waiter, your posture and mood may affect how you communicate with diners. With chronic back pain, it may be difficult for you to put on a smile as you take the orders of customers during the lunchtime rush hour.

Neurological issues such as spine, brain, and nerve problems may cause chronic back pain or migraines.

When you feel pain anywhere in your body, you need to see an expert. An expert for pain relating to your nervous system is a neurosurgeon.

What Is The Spine? 

You cannot give your 100 percent to all activities if you do not have a healthy spine. With a healthy spine, you get to make body movements with ease.

If you are delivery personnel, you will need a strong spine to accomplish your daily goals. Delivery services became an essential part of commerce during the pandemic. It is evident as many delivery service businesses increased their staff. 

People who will be making deliveries from one home to another need a strong back. A strong spine can help them carry customer parcels to their front doors.

Indeed, if you regularly lift things for work, you are part of the essential people who helped with the challenges of the pandemic. Do not let pain and spine illnesses get in the way of helping your community.

To relieve pain and spine illnesses, you can consult with the right specialist. Additionally, you can understand your spine health by learning about its parts.

Major Parts of Your Spine 

Your spine is a significant part of your body. One of its main parts intertwines with other relevant nervous system organs. Your spine is composed of your vertebrae, spinal cord, and nerves. Also, there are small discs that rest in between your multiple vertebrae.

According to Cleveland Clinic, you have 33 vertebrae in your body. Between these vertebrae are discs that serve as a cushion. It supports the stacked vertebra and prevents them from scratching each other.

Inside your vertebrae is your spinal cord. Your vertebrae serve as the protective structure of your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is the branch that spreads out nerves to different parts of your body.

Segments of Your Spine

These five segments of your spine.

Your cervical spine is the top part of your spine. It is the skeletal structure that supports neck movements. With a healthy cervical spine, you can tilt, nod, and turn your head.

Additionally, your thoracic spine is the middle part of your entire spine. Your ribs connect to the 12 vertebrae that make up your thoracic spine.

The lower part of your spine is your lumbar spine. 

This part of your spine supports the weight of your upper body. This section of your spine bears the tension when you lift heavy objects.

Other sections of your spine include the sacrum and coccyx. Your sacrum is a triangle-shaped bone that connects your spine to your hips. On the other hand, your coccyx is the spine segment that rests at the bottom part of your spine.

Your Nervous System 

Your nervous system is responsible for coordinating different parts of your body. With a healthy nervous system, your other organs function well.

The primary parts of your nervous system include the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

Your brain processes information sent by nerves. On the other hand, nerves carry the responses sent by the brain to the appropriate body parts. Your spinal cord houses nerve endings that extend to various parts of your body.

A problem with any part of your spine or nervous system can result in pain. Pain can influence your quality of life.

There are many neurological health issues. Some neurological problems may be left misdiagnosed if you self-diagnose. Additionally, you may suffer the side effects of improperly self-medicating for pain relief. Indeed, body pain may be a symptom of a neurological health problem.

Other issues with your neurological health may result in symptoms such as backaches, neck pain, and headaches.

Problems with your spinal cords and nerves can result in chronic pain. For example, a compressed sciatic nerve can result in pain from your buttocks down to your legs.

Back pain may be a result of many types of neurological conditions. It may arise from a herniated disc or spine injury.

To know if you have neurological health problems, you need to consult with a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Difference Between a Neurologist and Neurosurgeon

A neurologist is an expert in the health of your nervous system and spine. They are medical practitioners who can help treat various neurological conditions. Neurosurgeons can also help with your neurological problems. However, both medical practitioners have different expertise.

Neurologists can also perform surgeries on any part of the body. However, neurosurgeons are the only ones who have a license to conduct brain and spinal cord surgery.

Despite the name, neurosurgeons can also offer minimally invasive treatments. It means a spinesurgeon LA clinic will not immediately say that your only option is surgery. Like Mobin Neurosurgery, they first employ less invasive treatments before they open up about your surgical option.

If you are looking for a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic, then you should book a consultation with Mobin Neurosurgery now!

Reasons To Visit A Neurosurgeon Now 

There are many reasons you will want to visit a neurosurgeon.

Here are some of those reasons:

Get Diagnosis

Some medical practitioners support the help of the internet for health education. However, self-diagnosis can be lethal if misinterpreted and not paired with consultation with a doctor.

For example, you felt a headache and some other symptoms. You do not want inconvenience from visiting a doctor. What you did to try to relieve your symptoms was the internet. After a few minutes of looking up the cause of your symptoms, you found out that you have a rare form of cancer and you have a few months to live. After searching on the internet for your medical condition, you looked for natural and cheap treatments. After following the treatments you looked up, you had an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. You cannot breathe due to swelling of your throat.

You can get anaphylaxis if you make your treatments. If you have a health issue, self-diagnosis cannot help you. What makes it worst is the misdiagnosis from your self-diagnosis. You might apply a treatment to an illness that you do not have.

After being sent to the hospital, you got a few tests. Your doctor got you cleared. You do not have cancer. The diagnosis was an allergic reaction. If you consulted with a doctor, no extra expenses for your allergic reaction would have been necessary.

Doctor consultation fees are lower than the costs of resolving complications and allergic reactions to treatments you made from self-diagnosis.

The nervous system is a complex structure. When you believe you have neurological health problems, you can consult with a neurosurgeon.

Medical Treatment

If you visit a neurosurgeon, you get the appropriate treatment for your neurological condition. Do not be afraid. They do not offer a surgical option unless there are less invasive options for your medical condition.

Priority For Minimally-Invasive Medical Treatments

A competent neurosurgeon should know about all potential treatments for your neurological condition. With the expanded knowledge, they know the less invasive treatment options for your condition.

Mobin Neurosurgery prioritizes minimally invasive treatments before resorting to surgery.

See Someone Who Specializes In Neurological and Spine Health

When you visit a neurosurgeon, you will see someone who has years of experience with neurological health treatments. With their experience, they have a high chance of making accurate diagnoses regarding neurological conditions. Also, they have the expertise to treat those medical conditions.

Pain Relief Treatments

If you feel pain anywhere in your body, it may be a problem with your nerves. Other pain may also relate to your brain and spinal cord health. As nerves, brain, and spinal cord health are the expertise of neurosurgeons, you get proper diagnosis and treatments.

For example, Mobin Neurosurgery offers effective treatments for sciatica pain and pinched nerves. You can also ask them to help you with your chronic migraine attacks.

Proper Education About Your Condition

You can get accurate information about your neurological health if you consult with a neurosurgeon. That way, you do not have to search for information online. There is vast misinformation across the online platform.  

Better Quality of Life

When you visit a neurosurgeon, you get to find ways to relieve your sciatica pain and other body aches. A neurosurgeon can also help treat your unmanageable and intolerable chronic migraines.

With less to no pain, you get to improve your quality of life. With a better quality of life, your life enjoys more.

Boost Overall Health

As your nervous system connects with your different body parts, a healthy nervous system contributes to overall health.

Schedule a consultation with Mobin Neurosurgery to find out your overall neurological health.

Why Mobin Neurosurgery?

Dr. Fardad Mobin is the leader of the Mobin Neurosurgery clinic. He has years of experience with his chosen specialty. He can help diagnose the reasons for your chronic body aches. Additionally, he has the medical expertise to resolve those issues.

His expertise includes neurosurgery. However, his treatments for neurological conditions prioritize minimally invasive procedures. He will not suggest a surgical option for your condition if there are less invasive treatment options for you.

Mobin Neurosurgery is a neurosurgeon LA clinic that can help relieve back pain, herniated discs, and sciatica pain. This spine surgery Los Angeles clinic can also help relieve radiculopathy and pinched nerves.

Alternatively, you can get your scoliosis problems checked by this clinic. Scoliosis can impact your posture. 

Bad posture can result in bullying and low self-esteem. You can be productive at work without experiencing pain. Also, you cannot overcome bullying. Fight the bullies. Feel good about yourself.

One of the ways to improve your self-esteem is to accept your natural beauty. Additionally, you can get the services of a medspa like Bespoke Beauty MT. They effectively reach people who need a boost of confidence through the help of Really Good Content.

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