6 Healthy Habits You Should Try For Optimal Brain and Nerve Health

With the help of great minds, civilizations evolved to what it is now. Before, the concept of wireless communication was impossible. With the power of the intellect and creativity of scientists, the once considered to be impossible became reality.

Additionally, the world cannot progress without engineers. Their creativity and technical skills allow buildings and roads to rise in developing communities. With the efforts of engineers and their construction team, you get to travel easily on roads. That way, you get to unwind and visit long-distance friends and relatives.

Furthermore, the help of the medical industry allowed people to live longer. The progression in medicine allows for discoveries that resolve illnesses that were incurable in the past. Imagine the period where antibiotics were not yet available. Antibiotics are just one of the solutions that the medical community invented to help prolong lives. Without the great minds of medical professionals, medicines and procedures are evolving to help those who need these services.

Regardless of your profession, you have a role to play in the development of society. Even if you are just a student, you contribute to community improvement. With your current efforts, you create a brighter future for the coming generations. With a healthy brain and nerves, your idea and imagination can help shape the world for the better. You can do this by offering a solution to the numerous problems of the world.

When optimized, the brain helps you create things. It helps improve lifestyles and build nations. Optimizing your brain may be challenging. Keeping your nerves healthy also helps with your productivity. Better brain and nerve health allows you to make immediate and appropriate responses to stimuli. It means your brain can create reactions to messages sent by your nerves.

Moreover, you need to combine healthy nutrition and exercise for your overall well-being. It may be easier said than done. Do you know how much food you need to keep your body well-fueled? Another challenge for you is environmental and hereditary factors. These factors influence the performance of your brain and nerves.

You cannot control what happens in your environment. Additionally, you cannot control what genes you will inherit from your parents. That is why you need to visit an expert in brain and nerve health. That way, you ensure optimal brain and nerve health.

The Important Players In Your Nervous System 

You can relate your nervous system to a team sport. For example, every player on a basketball team has a role to play. Without role assignments, there will be confusion in the play. Additionally, without the assignment of parts in the game, the entire cannot coordinate.

Your brain and nerves are not the only players in your nervous system. Another part of your nervous system is the spinal cord. These three main players of your nervous system coordinate easefully. They have their roles in the entire neurological function. When they are in optimal health, you get the best results. These results include improved productivity, creativity, and response. These are just a few of the benefits you get when you take care of your nervous system.

To take care of your nervous system, you need to understand the roles of its organs.

Your brain and spinal cord are part of your central nervous system. This division of your nervous system is responsible for making responses to stimuli sent through your nerves and spinal cord.

Your brain is the center where information processing occurs. It is also the central area where messages for reactions travel to and from different body parts.

Also, your spinal cord is the main branch where your nerves scatter and connect to different parts of your body. A spinal injury can result in paralysis. That is why your backbone or vertebrae exist. It serves as the protective structure of your spinal cord. You are not invincible, there are many possible reasons for spinal cord issues. To resolve it, you need to visit the appropriate medical expert.

Additionally, your nerves comprise your peripheral nervous system. The role of your peripheral nervous system is to connect your central nervous system with the different parts of your body. One nerve issue can result in disconnection with a body part. Sometimes, it can even cause chronic pain and discomfort.

According to this source, you have more than 7 trillion nerves in your body. An injury or problem with one of those nerves can affect your quality of life.

For example, sciatica is a pain you feel caused by compressions in your sciatic nerve. If you feel pain from your hips to your leg, it might be sciatica. However, do not make self-diagnosis. The best decision you can make is to visit the right medical expert. For example, for sciatica pain relief, you can visit a spinesugeon LA clinic. Neurosurgeons can help bring back your life like how it was before the chronic pains.

You need to understand some neurological issues. That way, you can understand your condition after visiting a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Brain And Nerve Problems You Need To Know 

Although there are skeletal structures that protect your brain and spinal cord, there are still risks. Medical conditions relating to your brain and nerve health can be a result of various factors. These factors can be environmental. For example, injury. Another factor is a condition that results from wear and tear. Also, you may suffer from a neurological condition due to your genes. It means you may have inherited an illness that your parents have.

To understand further, here are some medical conditions that relate to your brain and nerve health:

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain medical condition that affects your movements. It is one of the most common Parkinsonian Syndrome, says this source.

Additionally, there is no cure for this progressive illness. It means it worsens over time.

Also, this brain illness affects coordination. There are many symptoms of this illness. Symptoms of this brain disease include stiffness and trembling body parts. Trembling your hands, feet, or face may mean you have Parkinson’s disease.

Another symptom is a loss of balance. If you have problems walking straight, you may have this illness. However, self-diagnosis is not ideal. Get checked by the appropriate brain doctor.

Brain Tumors

Brain tumors can be primary or secondary. Primary brain cancers result from cancer that originated in the brain. On the other hand, secondary brain cancer originated from a different organ in your body.

A doctor can make appropriate diagnoses and treatments for such conditions.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia.

This brain illness affects your memory and thinking skills. Imagine the efforts you have to exert to give your daughter a better life than yours. Then fast forward to your senior citizen years and you forget who she is. Also, imagine the emotional impact on your child when you do not remember they exist.

Like diabetes, this brain illness is progressive. It means that it gets worse as time pass. Also, there is no cure for this brain disease. However, a neurosurgeon LA clinic can help control its symptoms through treatment. You can ask Mobin Neurosurgery how they can help this condition.

Nerve Damage

Nerves can be in different parts of your nervous system. It can be in your brain, spinal cord, or different organs. There are instances when you can get nerve damage in any part of your body.

Motor nerve damage may show symptoms like fasciculation and muscle atrophy.

On the other hand, sensory nerve damage may result in pain and numbness.

Another nerve issue can be autonomic nerve damage. It may result in bladder issues and excessive sweating. Additionally, this type of damage may show symptoms like constipation and problems with sexual activities.

There are many possible causes of nerve damage and pain. It can be a result of an injury or an underlying medical condition. 

People with diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune illnesses may experience nerve problems. Alternatively, medication can affect nerve performance. Also, infections may affect the performance of your peripheral system.

Also, nerve damage and pain may result from not getting enough nutrients to support nerve function. Vitamins like B6 and B12 are nutrients that contribute to nerve health.


Sciatica is pain that you feel because of a pinched sciatic nerve. This pain may start from your hips down to your legs.

Other causes of sciatica include sciatic nerve compression by abnormal bone growth in your backbone. Also, tumor growth can cause sciatic nerve pressure.

Pinched nerves can affect your quality of life. Imagine working at the office. Then, the deadline is in a few hours. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your hands due to pinched nerves.

Get pinched nerve and sciatica pain relief by visiting a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic.

How To Attain Optimal Health For Your Brain and Nerves

Injury and hereditary illnesses are difficult to prevent. However, there are ways you can control their symptoms. Alternatively, you can keep your brain and nerves healthy. That way, you prevent damage and other illnesses.

Here are tips that you can try to keep your brain and nerves in optimal health:


Sometimes, the food you eat may not be enough to provide the nutrients your body needs. Malnutrition can affect your brain and nerve function. One solution to this is to consider taking supplements.

There are many supplements you can consider for a healthy brain and nerves. For example, you can take B Vitamins. L-theanine also helps with your mental abilities. Also, Omega-3 supplements can help with your brain and nerve function.

Additionally, you can take Vitamin E supplements to protect your brain from abnormal damage from free radicals.

You can visit a spine surgery Los Angeles clinic to ask about the best supplements you can take for your brain and nerve health.

Eat Healthily

Skipping processed and sugary foods can help with your overall health.

Additionally, you can eat foods rich in nutrients that support brain and nerve functions. Foods rich in these nutrients include leafy vegetables and fish. Also, you can add eggs and salmon to your regular meals. Also, avocados and nuts can support a healthy brain and nerves.

Get Regular Exercise

There are many benefits of exercise. These benefits include weight management and stress relief.

If you want to keep your brain and nerves in good shape, you need to fit exercise into your schedule. The increased blood flow allows for the proper functioning of your brain and nerves.

Get Enough Sleep

Sufficient sleep can help refresh your brain for the challenges of the following day. Also, it helps boost memory retention. Get seven to eight hours of consecutive sleep every night to maximize this benefit. It means your seven to eight hours of sleep should not be interrupted.

Drink Enough Water

Being properly hydrated allows your nervous system to coordinate with your entire body with ease. With enough water in your body, your brain and nerves get to send signals to different parts of your body. Also, you get better focus and memory.

Visit An Expert

The best place to optimize your brain and nerve function is a neurologist or neurosurgeon. You can consult about your current neurological health. Also, you can ask for advice on which supplements you can take to support your brain and nerve functions. Additionally, you can ask Mobin Neurosurgery to help you reach optimal neurological health.

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