5 Myths about Spine Surgery and Your Brain

What is life if you cannot enjoy it to the fullest? People tend to consider their life now when in fact there is a way to make it better. Some people would even get so used to pain throughout their lives that they adjust their activities for it.

Quality of life is what a person sees in their life compared to their surroundings, culture, and other social factors. Additionally, the concept of a good quality of life can be subjective. It is subjective because it can be different from one person to another. For example, you may be earning more than your neighbor but they claim they have a better quality of life than you do. Alternatively, a person with only one working eye may claim they have a good quality of life. On the other hand, those with no disability may claim that they don’t have a better quality of life.

Many factors affect your quality of life. An illness, insecurity, or how you see yourself can affect your outlook on your quality of life.

Insecurity can also affect how you see your quality of life. For example, although you are healthy you may say that you have a bad quality of life because of your skin aesthetics. A mole on your cheek may have been the cause of your insecurities. Alternatively, acne marks and scars can influence your self-esteem. To improve how you feel about yourself, you can visit medical aesthetic clinics like Bespoke Beauty Mt, Kauai Medspa, or New England Skin Center.

Another factor that influences how you see your quality of life is pain. Chronic pain can be disabling. Imagine a migraine that you do not know when it will attach. All those lost time where you would have been productive if you did not need to skip activities because of your migraine attacks. For example, you have to present a proposal at work for the next day. You plan to stay up until midnight to check everything for the presentation. Then, midway while checking your PowerPoint presentations, you feel an intolerable throbbing sensation at the back of your head. The pain did not stop immediately. It slowly disappeared after two hours. You paused because it was challenging to continue. With that single migraine attack, you lost two hours. Then, you failed to convince your boss with your project proposal.

Indeed, chronic pain like migraine and backaches has an impact on your quality of life. With it, you may claim that you are not happy with where you are now because you know you would have a better life without those disabling pain attacks.

For pain relief, you can contact an experienced and licensed neurosurgeon. For example, Mobin Neurosurgery is a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic that offers solutions to various types of chronic pain. The medical team of Mobin Neurosurgery can help improve your quality of life by providing treatment to different chronic pain conditions. They also specialize in spine and brain health.

What is the Spine?

Your spine is a complex body structure. It is not only made up of one organ. It includes various parts that intertwine with the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Your Musculoskeletal System

Your musculoskeletal system includes bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and joints. This part of your body helps support your muscles. Also, it helps give your body shape.

One of the functions of your bones is to protect your internal organs. With healthy bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, you get to make movements in different parts of your body with ease.

Also, your muscles include stretchable fibers that support body movements like walking, sitting, and jumping. With your muscles, you can write and ride a bike.

Moreover, your ligaments are fibers in your body that connect your bones. On the other hand, your tendons are connective fibers that link your bones and muscles.

Furthermore, your joints are bones that connect. Between joints are cartilages. Your cartilages support your bones by preventing them from rubbing each other.

Your spine is part of your musculoskeletal system. It has bones, connective tissues, and your spinal cord.

Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is also a complex network. It includes many organs like your spine. The parts of your nervous system are the brain, nerves, and spinal cord.

Your nerves are part of your peripheral nervous system, a division of your nervous system. It is responsible for carrying responses and stimuli to different parts of your body.

Your brain and spinal cords are part of your central nervous system. These parts of your nervous system are responsible for processing information and providing responses to different stimuli.

Also, your brain is responsible for controlling voluntary and non-voluntary movements across your body.

Voluntary movements are actions that you can consciously influence. Examples of voluntary movements include waving your hands and writing. On the other hand, non-voluntary movements are actions that your subconscious does not need to decide on to start the movement. Examples of non-voluntary movements include breathing and beating your heart.

Your spinal cord is the main branch where your nerves start to scatter across your body. Your vertebrae or backbone protects your spinal cord. An injury to your spinal cord can result in permanent disability.

Your Spine as a Part of Your Musculoskeletal and Nervous System

According to this source, there are four sections of your spine. These sections include your cervical spine and lumbar spine. Also, other sections of your spine are your thoracic and sacral spine.

 On top of each other are your small backbones. There are small spaces between these bones. In those spaces, your nerves can scatter to different parts of your body.

There are two types of spinal nerve roots. These two roots are motor roots and sensory roots.

Motor roots allow messages to travel to different parts of the body. It permits movements of the different parts of the body. On the other hand, sensory roots carry information about the different senses. These senses include taste, sight, and temperature.

Relationship Between Your Spine and Nervous System

One of the organs that link your nervous system and musculoskeletal system is your spine. As mentioned earlier, your spine includes your backbone, spinal cord, and other connective tissue.

To prevent problems with your spine and brain, you need to understand the illnesses associated with them. Also, understand how to keep your spine and nervous system healthy.

To understand your neurological and spine health, you can look for a neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic. You can book a consultation with a competent neurosurgeon to identify the status of your spine and neurological health.

Neurological and Spine Health Conditions You Need To Know 

One spine health condition you need to know about is spinal cord disorder. A spinal cord disorder can be a tumor or a herniated disc. Moreover, spinal cord disorders can come from spinal stenosis, fracture, or degenerative diseases. Some of the symptoms of spinal cord disorders include back pain, weakness, muscle spasms, and urinary incontinence.

If not due to an injury, spinal cord disorders can come from blockage of blood flow or multiple sclerosis. Other causes of spinal disorders include autoimmune illnesses, nutrient deficiency, and syphilis.

Doctors that specialize in spine illnesses like Dr. Fardad Mobin can help treat various problems with your spine.

Spine-health specialists can use X-rays, MRI scans, or electromyograms to make a diagnosis. Ensure that the spinesurgeon LA doctor you visit has a license and years of experience. That way, you do not only get a proper diagnosis. You also receive appropriate treatment for your illness.

Another neurological condition that you need to know that can be disabling are migraines. Chronic migraines can be disabling as they can attack anytime. Also, you do not know how long it will last.

Many people who suffer from intolerable migraines for years may report self-esteem issues. It can be disabling in the sense that it limits your full potential in your career as well.

For migraines, you can look for a neurosurgeon LA clinic. Neurosurgeons like Dr. Mobin can resolve your migraines from the root cause. It means the Mobin Neurosurgery team will do their best to find the source of the chronic migraine attack. The medical treatment for your migraines will target the cause. That way, you can live life to the fullest with less fear of migraine attacks.

How to Keep Your Spine and Nervous System Healthy

There are some spine and neurological conditions that are hereditary. These disorders may also come from an injury. However, your overall wellness can also affect your spinal and neurological health.

There are things to keep your spine and nervous system healthy.

For example, maintaining proper posture allows you to help your spine support your entire weight.

Also, exercises like stretching and pushups can help with your spine health. A few minutes of these exercises regularly can help with the health and flexibility of your spine.

Additionally, a healthy diet can support the nutritional needs of your spine and nervous system. That way, you provide it with the fuel and nutrients it needs to perform its function.

Although there are experts to see when it comes to spine and neurological health. Some people skip seeing the right experts. 

Some people will even consider self-diagnosis and treatment through internet searches. Misinformation can be dangerous. With incorrect diagnosis and treatment, you can make your medical condition worse.

Mobin Neurosurgery partners with a digital marketing agency called Really Good Content. That way, the company can communicate clearly with the audience of their websites. It helps ease the flow of communication between the company and website visitors. Also, it helps debunk misconceptions about spine surgery and neurological health. 

Spine Surgery and Neurological Myths Debunked

There are some myths about spine surgery and neurological health you need to know. Here are those myths:

Visiting a Neurosurgeon Will Lead You To A Surgical Solution To Your Medical Condition 

Competent and highly-experienced spine surgery Los Angeles clinics like Mobin Neurosurgery do not immediately resort to a surgical procedure for all patients. It means they will first employ less invasive procedures before suggesting a surgical procedure. Minimally invasive treatments may vary from one neurological condition to another. Examples of these treatments include physical therapy and medication.

All Spine Surgical Procedures are Highly Invasive. 

Although surgical procedures are more invasive than physical therapy and medication, spine surgery may not involve large incisions. It is true in some situations. Examples of conditions that may only require small cuts for surgery include spinal infection and scoliosis. However, the treatment and the size of the incisions will still vary from one patient to another.

Recovery from Spine Surgery is Extremely Painful.  

You will indeed experience discomfort and pain from recovery from major surgery. However, focus on the comfort and relief that will come after recovery. Imagine the disabling effects of your medical condition that you just got fixed by your neurosurgeon.

A Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Benefit Your Brain as Much as It Benefits Your Heart.

A healthy lifestyle includes adding a balanced diet and sufficient exercise to your daily routine. It is not true that exercise and diet do not impact your brain. It is in comparison to its effects on your heart health. The increased blood flow allows your brain to have sufficient blood in its system.

Supplementation Can Keep Your Mind Sharp. 

Supplements support our nutritional needs. However, there is no evidence supporting the idea that brain-boosting supplements help keep your mind sharp as you grow old, says a source.

Break Free From Spine and Neurological Health Problems with the Help of Mobin Neurosurgery

Mobin Neurosurgery allows you to improve your quality of life. A neurosurgeon can help relieve your chronic back pain or neck aches. 

Also, Mobin Neurosurgery allows you to break free from the hands of chronic migraines.

Moreover, this neurosurgeon LA clinic will help you get your life back. It will bring back your quality of life to how it was before the chronic pain attacks. His medical techniques focus on finding the root cause of your pain. That way, the reason for your pain will be the target of the medical treatment.

Other patients were able to find relief from various neurological conditions. They got relief from backaches, neck pain, and migraine attacks. If you want an effective solution to your brain and spine health conditions, book a consultation with Mobin Neurosurgery now!



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