5 Effective Tips for Optimal Spine Health

Spine-health is not just for proper posture and aesthetics. With ideal spine health, you get to earn a living for yourself and your family. Additionally, optimal spine health allows you to reach milestones in your career. Also, it allows you to enjoy life. Imagine a life without worrying about sciatica pain, back pain, and neck pain. With a healthy lifestyle, you can restore your quality of life minus the pain and discomfort. 

Regardless of your profession, you need a healthy back to support any load you carry. This statement is true in the metaphorical and literal sense. 

Metaphorically, you need strength to carry the responsibilities that rest on your shoulders. In the literal sense, you need a strong spine for moving materials for your work. Alternatively, you may need a strong back to lift your children when they welcome you home. Imagine the joy of carrying your children running towards you. All of the stress and fatigue disappear the moment you see their excitement.

Additionally, having a strong spine helps with productivity at work. Construction workers contribute to the progression of society. The hard work of construction workers allows buildings and houses to stand in cities. Without them, you will not have places to see a doctor. Also, their work allows you to celebrate moments in malls with your family. With heavy lifting, construction workers need a strong spine to accomplish their work.

Moreover, office workers need ideal spine health for their work. If you are an office worker, you may need a health backbone when you carry loads of paperwork. It is also relevant for teachers who regularly lift the projects and papers of their students. You will need that extra power when you rearrange the furniture in your office or classroom.

Also, delivery service workers do a lot of lifting in their work. Without them, you will not receive your groceries and medicines during the pandemic. 

Lifting heavy boxes may be a regular thing for them. But, they need to take care of their spine too. Too much strain on your backbones may result in injuries.

Regardless of your profession, there will come a time when you will be doing some serious lifting. Lifting can injure you. When done improperly, lifting can result in injuries to your back. Additionally, your spine is strong. That way, it can withstand activities like carrying and lifting. 

Moreover, you will need to give your spine a rest. Make time to recover from the strains of lifting weights. It is relevant if lifting is part of your daily activities.  

Take care of your spine. That way, your work does not need to suffer. Spine injuries can be disabling. For example, chronic back pain may hinder you from performing well at work. You may not even carry your children after going home from work.

When you understand your spine and its health, your success in life can be limitless.

What is The Spine?

Your spine is the structure in your body that supports multiple functions in your body. For example, your spine helps you make movements. Some of those movements include walking and jumping. It also allows you to pick up something you drop on the floor.

Another relevant task of your spine is its protective function. It protects your spinal cord.

Your spinal cord is part of your nervous system.

Your nervous system is a collaborative structure in your body. It coordinates with different organs to accomplish their roles.

For example, your nervous system teams up with your endocrine system to send signals to different parts of your body. With both systems in good condition, you correctly react to your surroundings.

Your endocrine system includes glands that produce hormones. Hormones are your chemical messengers. It sends signals to different parts of your body. For example, the hormone dopamine influences your motor functions. Additionally, it provides a reward-related type of learning.

Additionally, a healthy nervous system contributes to your overall health. For example, estrogen affects your menstrual cycle. It helps with female reproductive health. It also supports your cardiovascular and skeletal wellbeing.

Other parts of your nervous system include your nerves and brain.

There are sections in your nervous system. It includes your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Included in your peripheral nervous system are your nerves. Your nerves work by sending signals to your brain. For example, they send a message to your brain when touching something hot or cold. Then, your brain processes the information and makes appropriate reactions.

Moreover, your nervous system supports your involuntary functions. For example, your nervous system is why you can breathe without thinking. It is also responsible for ordering your digestive system to convert your meal into energy.  

Your brain and spinal cord make up your central nervous system. It coordinates to send responses to stimuli sent by your nerves. Your spinal cord is the main branch connecting nerves to different parts of your body. It is the passageway of nerves in sending stimuli to your brain. An injury to your spinal cord can result in paralysis. That is why your backbone protects it. 

Your vertebrae is a structure of 33 interconnected bones. Inside these bones is a canal-like structure that houses your spinal cord. There are five sections in your backbone. These sections include your cervical and lumbar spine. Additionally, it includes your coccyx bones, sacrum, and thoracic spine. Keep these bones healthy. That way, you have a healthy structure to protect your spinal cord.

Examples Of Spine Health Problems

Keep your spine healthy. That way, you prevent spine health-related problems. However, some spine health issues may result from wear and tear and injury. Also, a spine health problem may occur even if you live a healthy lifestyle. The reason for this is that you may have inherited a genetic spine illness from your relatives.

Here are some spine health issues you need to know:

Degenerative Disc Disease

Your vertebrae stack with gel-like discs between them. The gel-like substance between your vertebrae dries out over time. This substance serves as a cushion to your vertebrae. When this dries out, it gets brittle. It makes the disc risky for breakage.

This disorder can affect your quality of life. 

It can lead to chronic back and neck aches. Also, this spine condition is progressive. That is why you need to consult with the right medical expert. Additionally, you should look for a neurosurgeon LA clinic if you have a family history of hereditary spine illnesses.

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc may be the source of your back pains. It can even result in sciatica. A herniated disc occurs when the gel-like structure that supports your vertebrae ruptures. The rupture causes the gel-like substance to leak. 

A damaged disc can affect your nervous system. 

Additionally, the gel-like material may influence the activity of your spinal cord and nerves.

A competitive spine surgery Los Angeles clinic can help diagnose this illness. They can employ bone scans and X-rays. Additionally, your reliable spine surgeon may use CT scans and MRI to determine if you have the condition.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spine narrows in size. It may result in compression of your spinal cord and nerves. This disease can be a result of other spine conditions. For example, you might get spinal stenosis if you have scoliosis or osteoarthritis.

When you visit a neuro surgeon Los Angeles clinic, they might conduct a physical exam first if they suspect you have this illness. Additionally, the neurosurgeon may use MRI and bone scans to determine if you have spinal stenosis. Your doctor may also use X-rays and Myelography to make a diagnosis.

Spinal Tumor

A spinal tumor can be non cancerous. However, it can also be cancerous.

Spinal tumors are abnormal growth of tissues that occur in the spine. It can grow in your spinal cord or spinal column. The cancerous type of spinal tumor may result from primary cancer in your body. It means cancer comes from a different part of your body. However, it resulted in cancerous tumor growth in your spinal cord.

A neurosurgeon can help with the diagnosis and treatment of spinal tumors. Make sure that you visit your trusted neurosurgeon Los Angeles clinic when you feel that something is not okay with your spine.

Tips To Have Good Spine Health

If the illness is not hereditary or due to injury, you can help keep your spine in good shape.

Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy spine:

Practice The Correct Way Of Carrying Heavy Objects

You have a high risk for spine injury if you do lifting regularly. However, you are not exempt from a spine injury if you do not regularly carry heavy loads.

For example, one wrong lift and you can risk a ruptured disc. You can even experience a locked spinal joint from lifting something the wrong way.

In lifting materials, do not lift only with your spine strength. Instead, you can redirect it to your abdominal muscles.

Practice Correct Posture

Practicing proper posture does not only provide aesthetic benefits. It also keeps your spine healthy.

A healthy spine has a curvature structure. For correct posture, your sitting position should support the natural curves of your spine.

When you do not sit or stand with the correct posture, you put a strain on your nerves and spinal cord.

Include Exercise In Your Daily Routine

Making continuous movements in a specific period can help with your spine health. That is why regular exercise can contribute to ideal spine health. You do not need to do a complicated and high-intensity workout to attain a healthy spine.

Simple exercises like walking to work can be a good exercise.

Get Enough Rest

All work and no rest can put a strain on your spine. That is why you need to take a rest day from rigorous activities. Take that rest period to meditate. That way, you do not only improve your spine health. You also renew your mind for your mental health.

Eat Healthily

There is a saying that you are what you eat. That is true. What you put in your body will cycle to your different organs. It will also reach your spine. If you eat a nutrient-rich diet, you also fuel your spine with the nutrition it needs. However, you do not get that many health benefits if you consume too much junk food.

Sometimes, the food you eat does not contain enough nutrients that your body needs. There may be a compromise in your overall health with this insufficiency. That is why some people resort to supplements. You can visit a spinesurgeon LA clinic and ask for the right supplement for you.

Consult With A Medical Expert

The right expert to visit for spine health consultation is a neurosurgeon. Mobin Neurosurgery can give you advice on how to take care of your spine. Additionally, the clinic can help treat many neurological and spinal issues.

Why Mobin Neurosurgery?

Mobin Neurosurgery is the spine surgeon you need to visit in Los Angeles if you want medical advice regarding your spine health.

Mobin Neurosurgery offers medical treatments for various spine health problems. They have a solution to your sciatica and back pain. Also, they can resolve your years of uncomfortable chronic neck pain.

With Mobin Neurosurgery, you are in safe hands. The medical team prioritizes minimally invasive treatments before moving forwards to a surgical fix to your spine issues. These minimally invasive treatments may include medication and physical therapy. If your condition does not improve, the medical team will suggest a surgical solution.

You can prevent a disease from progressing rapidly. Alternatively, you can resolve a spine health problem when you get it diagnosed at an early stage. To do this, you need to book an appointment with Mobin Neurosurgery. That way, you get the proper diagnosis. The right diagnosis will lead to the correct treatment for your medical condition.

Do not wait for an illness to worsen. Get reliable medical advice from the right experts. Book an appointment with Mobin Neurosurgery now!



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